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Lupus and Disability Benefits

Scanning the lupus news the other day and an item about Social Security benefits passed by my eye. It had never occurred to me that there might be such a thing. Doah! Chronic disease, frequently debilitating; of course some cases would be eligible for Social Security benefits. Maybe state disability benefits too.

A quick Google search for "disability lupus" brings up pages and pages of resources.


Many -- if not most :-> -- are lawyers with services to offer but fortunately many actually are helpful too. There are even pages (by lawyers) explaining the otherwise arcane SSI rules and procedures. Some even have how-to's for filling out forms and applying for claims.

Anyway: it's good to know that it's there. If you have experience with "benefits" either at the Federal (including your country if you're not in the US, please) or at the state/province/county level, please come post about it on the Living with Lupus board. I'll set up a thread for it there.

(A moment on the word "benefits". In no way is there or could there be a "benefit" to having lupus or any other chronic disease. This is not like a friend with benefits except that you end up getting ... never mind.)

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