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Bush Picks Miers to Replace O'Connor

Harriet Miers
President Bush has chosen White House counsel Harriet Miers as his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

"Having never served as a judge, Ms. Miers has no `paper trail' of judicial opinions, and prospective opponents thus will have a hard time identifying positions to protest or complain about," said Supreme Court historian David Garrow. "What's more, Ms. Miers' professional record as an attorney in Texas is undeniably one of significant achievement and accomplishment, and her proponents will be able to present her as a female trail blazer whose life-record is at least arguably comparable to that of Justice O'Connor."

Senate Republicans said they would press for confirmation by Thanksgiving.

Career: White House counsel, 2004-present; White House deputy chief of staff for policy, 2003-2004; White House staff secretary, 2001-2003; Texas Lottery Commission chairwoman, 1995-2000; attorney in private practice, Locke Liddell & Sapp in Dallas, Texas, 1972-1999; Dallas City Council member, 1989-1991 Education: Bachelor of science degree in mathematics, 1967, Southern Methodist University, Dallas; law degree, 1970, Southern Methodist University School of Law Born: 1945 in Dallas Family: Single, no children Sources: White House, FindLaw, AP

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