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AmeriCorps Alums - For former members and friends of the AmeriCorps program.

DNA Paternity Testing by GenTrace - Suggested Category: Paternity Testing Accurate and private home DNA paternity testing and specimen collection kits guaranteeing 99.9 percent accuracy, results delivered in 5-8 business days.

e-buddies - A place to find e-mail buddies. Find your new cyber buddy at my website!

Everyday Better Living - Romance Tips for passion, love and lasting romance

LadyBold's Fan Fiction Archive - A fan fiction archive, housing fiction from Angel: The Series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, General Hospital, Roswell, and the X-Files. Always on the lookout for more quality fiction from any and all tv shows, movies or books.

Laser Spa Group - health- beauty or personal care....

Let's listen English - A Japanese language site.

mywayathinkin - just my thoughts and views on all kinds of different things

Personal Injury Lawyers and Legal Consultants - We are personal injury lawyers specializing in Brain Injury, Medical Malpractice, or Car Accidents requiring engineering and scientific experts.

Savings for you - Articles and tips on savings, safeties, preventions, and other articles for consumers plus coupons resources

Service Manuals and User Manuals - Service Manuals and User Manuals for electronic and electric equipment

She is You - Check out our collection of quizzes related to women and women's issues. We also have loads of other Ph.D certified IQ tests & Personality tests

Silverhand - category : nighttime_TV/ROSWELL. A fan art site : wallpapers, themes for pc, gallery, banner & much more ..

SIMPLY YOU Magazine - Teens/Young Adults: SYM is created for teens and young adults. Articles, advice, helpful tips, quotes, horoscopes, etc. are all on the SYM site!

Six Degrees - Hard to explain, but really neat. You and your connections get linked to others who share some common tie...friend of a friend, sister of an associate, fellow alumnae, co-worker of a brother, ad infinitum. There are also groups to join based on common interests and a people search that shows how many degrees of separation there are between you and the searchee. Worth exploring.

The Awesome 80's - All 80's Tv Movie Video game and more

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