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Lesbian interest (3) Sites of interest to lesbian society and culture.

Association of Women Professionals  - The Association of Women Professionals is a women's organization dedicated to assisting women in expanding their networks, finding opportunities, and developing their skills

She-Net  - An online community for intelligent women, with articles and discussion on everything from arts to parenting to politics to sex.

LuckyLife  - A mailing-list "community" for single women over 30. It's a forum for conversation, advice, and companionship. Visit our site to learn more or to join!

Beauty Worlds: The Culture of Beauty - All about beauty in nature and cultures past and present with informative articles on beauty, fashion, hairstyles, body image and ranging over topics from Aztecs to orchids.

Frugal Village - Natural Living, budgeting, crafts.

Generation Woman Online Magazine - An online news magazine for women of the United States and Canada. Coverage includes politics, health, entertainment, family, work, and more.

HarleyCrzy's Womyn's Resources - Lesbian, women's educational resourses, lady bikers info., self-esteem/self-help, psychology and interest tests, lots of greeting card links, and pet resources along with pics of my spoiled kids.

In Her Prime - A comprehensive links library and e-magazine for women over 40.

International Woman - Online women's magazine for women everywhere! Recipes, weddings, stories and more from different countries.

iVillage.co.uk - Where Women Find Answers - iVillage.co.uk offers women a 24 hour resource in which to find and share advice.

Life Care Center - The mission of Life Care Center is to enhance the quality of life for community and individuals affected in challenged relationships, at risk for domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and mental illness.

Mehndi Mecca - Discover the ancient "womens" art of Mehndi by visiting this official website of the book "Mehndi: Rediscovering Henna Body Art".

Purple Tights - Online interactive ezine.

Under the Bed - Links to different parts of life...writing, GLBT issues, sites for women, sites for...people.

women2women - a women's community - A community by women, for women, and about women. A safe place to discuss real women's issues, to have fun, to network, to share problems and answers.

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What are you looking for?   
Search only in Society - Culture : Women -   Search Options

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