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Journals (8) Journals, memoirs and diaries -- online.

LunaBelle.Net  - The personal haven of a wacky twenty-something girl. My online home.

Amanda's Home Page - A site with sections on the Atlanta Braves, the Eagles, Starbucks, links to virtual gifts, personality tests, and more!

angelina's place - all about angelina...

Bianca's page - my web page

Bonnie's Webpages - This page has all my favorite links, come take a look

Christie Mary Clark's Unofficial Web Pag - A homepage dedicated to Christie Clark who plays Carrie Brady on the soap Days of our lives on NBC daytime.

Dave's Soap Habit - A three page site with pictures and a list of my favorite daytime soap opera sites.

e-buddies - A place to find e-mail buddies. Find your new cyber buddy at my website!

evi's hell - poetry, depression, links, my boring life, and assorted whining

fridaysfever.com - A brilliant semi-personal page with stories, poems, games, surveys, awards, postcards, funny jokes, cool links, and more. =) It's updated very often, as well.

goddessoul.com - daily journal of a high school girl, photograph, stunning graphics and more!

ITCOME - A crazy site with a sick sense of humor

John 3:16 - Speak It, it's fun and free to download, you can have all websites read to you.

Mallah - Tarik El-Mallah Mallah Family Alexandria Egypt

Math Class is Tough! - I talk about my vintage Barbies and my doll collections. And I would contacting with other people who like me.

Michael Ladanyi's Poetry Pages - Michael Ladanyi's Poetry Pages, contain many poet/writer related resources, a large poetry index, poetry magazine, publisher and organization links, awards to apply for, awards, writers forum information, personal poetry site listings, poet/writer friendly banner resource links, etc.

MityAphdte - A home-base page to the things that make my life! Vegetarianism, my Rottie, LuckyLife Mailing List for Women, and soon to come... feminism, creative writing, and hiking. Come and browse!

Mom's Last Resort - A message board for all new mom's and mom's to be. The best people to talk to are those who are going through what you are right now!

My stuff page - My site is just a lot of links and stuff I like, but there are seperate pages for Passions, Backstreet Boys, and other links.

My version of the truth by Robert Paul Reyes - The truth as experienced by online columnist Robert Paul Reyes

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