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Internet stuff (21) Where to find it on the Web.

Get a Date...  -  What happened on your birthday -- back through history? Find the births, deaths, and special events that happened on any date in "Get a Date..."

Lumal , empire in cyberverse  - Simply speaking, it's a new medium, much as radio and then TV. We have sifted through the UNIX and the hostile world of PC-Windows, Win95, NT Server & Workstation and Apple's Macintosh (not to mention AIX, OS/2, VMS) to build the applications that empower people and organizations in the modern world. Be not fooled by emperors with no clothes. This is a complex and confusing process. You can wander aimlessly and let the parade pass you by, or you can take on a guide. on a guide.

A Little Red Wagon - The best of Los Angeles: shopping, food, services.

Cliché Finder - Search for Cliché's by word or phrase.

The Grammar Lady - Grammar for grownups

WomenTek: An information resource - Womentek is a new super resource for women of all ages. Locate information on a vast array of subjects such as sex, health, marriage, dating, travel and much, much more. Whilst you're at our site, send a greeting card to a loved one or visit our Chat Rooms.

What are you looking for?   
Search only in Information - Reference -   Search Options

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