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Vision - my 14th novel - a free paranormal suspense read - I'm a 12-times published author, though VISION is actually my book #14. I wrote it in a recent "book-in-a-month" challenge, and have decided to give it away to my readers. There are no cookies, and no forms to fill out. "Dustin Mallory is a man trapped by the past - on a daily basis. He is no more a victim than his friends, whose reach at times extends beyond the grave, or whose thoughts take unwanted strolls through other peopleís minds. If the past can come forward enough to taunt Malloryís present, is there a chance he can influence it? Alter a fate thatís too harsh to accept? Or will he spend the rest of his life hovering between reality and revelation? Dependent on strangers for his personal salvation? It is what he now fears most - that he has no future. That heíll become a victim of his own aberrant genes, to spend his days forever lost in visions..." A few comments about the book have already come in: "I have spent HOURS reading VISION and it is FANTASTIC !! What a wonderful writer you are...It is exciting, filled with tension, horror, romance, humour, feeling, and science fiction that is so topical with gene tinkering etc. I could go on but I'm too tired! Need a break from this machine. I am humble that I dare to call myself a writer when I muck about so much with my talent and you can do this in a month!! Good luck, and please continue the great work. Thank you once again for letting me read it. What a story." by Glenda Leader, journalist, book reviewer, and playwright and "I love the story. It's positively riveting! I don't usually gush over other people's work, as it seems unprofessional, but this story I love!" by Theresa King, featured in Out of the Shadows and "N D, Thank you so much for the copy, and the cover is stunning. I'm on the first chapter and I'm so impressed!!! (Notice the three exclaimation points??) You have a gorgeous, visual style that is wonderfully easy to read and the story and characterization pulls the reader perfectly into POV...Wow!!!" by Jocelyn Guerette, romance novelist

What are you looking for?   
Search only in Free stuff : Music - books -   Search Options

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