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Living Single (7) Web sites and communities with the interests of single women in mind.

Power Surge - Power Surge, the community for women at midlife and in menopause is in its 10th year online. Replete with interactive message boards, an Ask The Experts area with experts in numerous areas, regularly scehduled chats with doctors and women's health advocates, transcripts, newsletters, mailing list, open chat rooms for women to intereract 24/7, libraries filled with articles, recommendations, resources for treating menopause and midlife-related issues.

Restoring Harmony - Zine for free thinking women

Secret Moment - Erotica for Women - Erotic entertainment for women. Stories, picture series and editorials.

Tickle Your Fancy - A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure - Self-learning about your personal femine sexuality.

Wedding Dresses For The Affluent Bride - Will your wedding dress be saying "She's such a lovely bride and affluent too!" or just "Isn't she lovely?" With us youcan become affluent and look lovely in the wedding dress of your dreams! No investment! Links to wedding dresses.

Women Issues - Cornelia Amiri's articles on domestic abuse and child abuse written from a prespective of healign and prevention

Women Only - A new site, hopefully preparing to handle issues women face in the workplace, health field, homelife, and the like. Includes entertainment such as jokes, freebies, contests, and links to hot sites.

Women's Fun - Womens online community for having fun. The perfect solution for a laugh, a lesson learned, and just enjoying life. Humor, wit, adventure, entertainment, life enhancing articles, freebies, loads of fun and more! Relax, indulge, and laugh. You deserve to!

womencentral.net - Pertains primarily to women but contains information anyone may find useful. Wide range of annotated links and topics from auto tips, learning computers, harassment, medical and health, child support laws, parenting, obtaining grants and more. Baby section has lots of fun stuff for mom and the kids, and our brand of humor will definitely tickle your funny bone. No log-in required, no forms to fill out, no email harvesting, no spam, no hassles. Stop in for a visit!

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Search only in For Women -   Search Options

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