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4degreez.com - A site for teens, twenty-somethings, or anyone else who enjoys chat, jokes, quotations, movie & game reviews, and other cool features.

Ask MsX teen center at the Coffeerooms - The center of the teen universe at the Coffeerooms. The famous "Ask MsX" advice column, and "Johnny Angels" bulletin board, and more are all here.

Brainevent.com - It's a place where people 11-18 can come together to learn about the world, share opinions, be creative, interact, and get inspired.

Covenant House Nineline - Covenant House Nineline, 1-800-999-9999 (1-800-999-9915 TTY), is a national crisis hotline for youth under-21 and their families. Since 1987, our crisis workers have provided timely, and sometimes lifesaving, intervention for those in need. Our referral database of more than 26,000 agencies allows us to connect those in need with the local agencies best equipped to help them. In the past year our workers answered over 61,000 crisis calls and provided more than 11,000 referrals. Since the tragedy of 9/11 those we serve, which include persons likely to visit your site, have entered a world of uncertainty and fear. Please help us to reach out to these people by posting our number on your site. Our website provides educational pieces addressing youth issues for kids and people who want to help kids so posting our URL (http://www.covenanthouse.org/nineline) would also be helpful. Our website features banners you can use to post our site. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Our e-mail address is Nineline@covenanthouse.org.

Dania's World - A teen girl site with games, advice, tips, speak, poetry, quotes, free homepages, chat, forum, just about everything.

get it off yer chest - Write and tell us what's annoyed you today.

Hannah's Page - just funky pics, links....nothing drastic

Helping Teens Find True Happiness Self Help Regarding Money, Love, Family, Friends - A site done up by a cancer and kidney failure patient using his experiences and problems he faced with money, love, family, friends to help teenagers out there to cope with life and ultimately finding happiness.

Independent Chick |Were all us Chicks belong| - Independent Chick!! a teen girl's Hangout and ZiNe.

Just 4 Gurlz!! - Reviews, Speakout, polls, back to school section, e-pals, and more.All for gurls!

Snap a Doo's - Crystal hair and belly gems. Seed bead Jewelry and belly chains. Hip fashion accessories especially for teens!

sweetcherrie.com - the online zine for rocking girls (and guys!) featuring its own comic strip, tribute to rock divas, rants, articles, opinions, online store and more!

TeenHub.net - the largest chat community and entertainment site for teenagers.

teentoday.co.uk ezine - An online magazine for teens and kids by teens and kids. Includes horoscopes, reviews, jokes, links, chat and more.

The ZeeZone - Everything that teens want to read about...movies, music, trends and a nifty member's area for contributing to the site.

voices - site which provides advices for teens on various topics like: relationships, sexuality, friendship etc.

What are you looking for?   
Search only in Ask MsX - Teen Center -   Search Options

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