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About Teens on-line magazine  - Funny photos, funny stories, short fiction, essays, jokes, opinions and source info for young adults.

Mind Blanks  - A fill-in-the-blanks word game, a lot like the "MadLibs" parlor game. You provide the words, and Mind Blanks will use them in a story just for you!

Random Thoughts....  - Several collections of quotes, fortunes, and "random thoughts". Add your own favorites to "Rock Wisdom", "Soap Quotes" and more.

CardsUp - Free off-the-wall ecards!

Casey's Crack Up Comedy - Hilarious Jokes that'll have you rolling on the floor laughing! We've got everything from work jokes to men jokes. (Not all jokes are appropriate for children, so Adults only please)

DogFood for the Soul - Medical humor and satire. Within these pages is a pill for most human personality ailments. Suggest your own at our message board.

Dress Up Games - Interactive dress up games (or paperdolls) in many categories such as celebrities, politicians, nerds, animals etc.

FindMyTwinOnline - a fun website where you can search for people with similar physical characteristics as you(same hair and eye color, etc...) You may be able to find your doppelganger, look-alike or even your "Long Lost Twin". http://www.findmytwinonline.com . It's fun for all ages.

Get a Date... - What happened on your birthday -- back through history? Find the births, deaths, and special events that happened on any date in "Get a Date..."

Glen Lachart Online - Come on by to see the Spud O' Christ-- Scotland's holiest root vegetable! Or to learn Highland slang. Or to laugh with us in the forums. Or to read the parody newspaper. We don't care why you visit-- just that you DO visit.

Guide to Motherhood - A guide to motherhood. With an Edge.

Le monde d\'en face - Connaissez vous le monde qui vous entoure?

Les ribaudes - Le site officiel de la troupe des ribaudes (contient: sketches parodies fausses pubs etc ...)

mercatur.net - A wholesome nihilistic icon for today's youth.

Purple Tights - Online interactive ezine with -- ironically -- childish content not suitable for children. Some useful Articles, polls, poetry, humor, reviews.

Rowena's Page -- Funny Female Fiction by S. D. Youngren - A continuing series of mostly-humorous short stories about a young woman's life. Her co-workers are crazy, her sister's an Astrology junkie, and her Mother...

The AnjulZine - The AnjulZine, a collection of funny, witty stories about women and life. Satires, skits, written by your Hostess, Anjuleyes. Isn't it time you had a good laugh?

The Bladder - It's Hilarious! 'The Bladder' provides a first rate satirical take on current sporting news & personalities.

The World According to ~A Lady named Dave~ - Family and everyday life as depicted by a Lady, whom everyone calls "Dave".

wAyno's Friday Funnies! - Jokes, updated every Friday.

What are you looking for?   
Search only in Art - Entertainment : Humor -   Search Options

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