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Authors - Writers (35) Sites by and about authors, writers, and their work

Science Fiction (2) Books, authors, and fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Zines - Web Lit (15) Zines and Literature on and for the Web

Read book online - Read full books online: Literature, novels, fictions, short stories, poems, essays.

Rhapsody for a Unicorn, a literary thriller - A literary thriller by Oscar Cappelli about the mystery of the Knights Templar, biblical archaeology, the esoteric roots of Jewish-Christian culture. A surprise ending at the exit of a time corridor.

SACRIFICIAL BOOK, world best famous book of best poems, short stories and novels, by Nikola Kitanovi - World best famous book with world best famous poem and short story, world best poem, world best short story, world best famous poems and short stories, world best famous book of poems and short stories, world best famous science fiction, world best famous

StorySlinger - Publish yourself instantly online. Read classic stories online.

The Book Forums - Please come on over to discuss classics authors and books, films about the books, vote on the polls, check out the links and webrings, and much more.

The Bookshelf - Classic books and authors, movies, history links, polls, lots more.

The Monarch Butterfly - In the late 1950ís ten-year-old Joey Baker thought it was going to be another ordinary summer, but his quest for the monarch butterfly takes him on an unforgettable adventure. It all begins with a "sign" and then, while lost in the woods, Joey encounters a shadowy figure....his life will be changed.... forever.

The Other Side Of Love - HOT, lesbian romance fiction

Triumph over Adversity--A Story of Love, Courage, and A Perilous Journey in the Aftermath of War - Homesite of author Ursula Maria Mandel, featuring her novel The Good American: A Novel Based on True Events. The site includes links, favorite recipes, excerpts, pictures to accompany the novel, reviews, where to buy the book, short stories, and more.

Women's Adventures - An uplifting story of a middle aged woman who leaves her career and bicycles across the United States.

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What are you looking for?   
Search only in Art - Entertainment : Books - Literature -   Search Options

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