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In Her Prime  - A comprehensive links library and e-magazine for women over 40.

Y(our) Stories at the Coffeerooms(tm)  - Do you write? Would you like to write? Publish Y(our) Story at the Coffeerooms! Read Y(our) Stories here!

Copycat - Stories, fiction. Could there be anything better? Don't answer. Now with a submit section for aspiring writers.

Dis & Dat - It's a funny lil online zine! Check it out for yourself.

eBookstand - 80s pop culture title depicts beginnings of "New Romantic" movement in music. Available in PDF, PDB, and Paperback formats.

eccobenny - eccobenny is a comic strip for kidz of all ages. eccobenny is sport, muzic + nature

Girl, Inform Me - part portfolio, part webzine, part mindless self indulgence. free icons and wallpapers, as well as essays, poetry, and fiction. submissions welcome.

KingdomsPress - A 10th Kingdom Fanfiction archive, resource center and short fictional article site. We also have a compiled 10K messageboard list and chatroom.

palemovie - Journal, poetry, stories, essays, weblog, book reviews

Silver Ladder Studios - Original art, poetry/lyrics, humor, music, photography, opinion, creativity and insanity

spanikopita - Part weblog, part list of bookmarks, part random (and sometimes useful!) information.

Taddle Creek magazine - Taddle Creek is a literary magazine publishing fiction and poetry by writers from across Toronto. Author interviews, local focus essays and photography.

The Crown Magazine(TM) - The Crown Magazine(TM) the premier pageant online magazine for pageant enthusiasts. Online Photo Contests, Pageant News, Insightful Pageant Articles, & other great perks!

très chic magazine - fashion, beauty, entertainment, and lifestyle. get the lastest news on EVERYTHING! check out celeb interviews, auction off your stuff, mouth off in chat and on the boards, and much more!

Writers University - Learn to write fan fiction better: essays on grammar, copyright, terminology, beta reading and more.

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What are you looking for?   
Search only in Art - Entertainment : Books - Literature : Zines - Web Lit -   Search Options

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