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Jezycjada - strona o ksiazkach M. Musierowicz/a site about teens' books by a polish author M. Musierowicz - A site about books for young people by a bestselling polish author Malgorzata Musierowicz.

Journeys of a Tortured Soul - New Book Release by – Caesar Brunswick Now Available: E-Book Format Coming Soon: Paperback Genre/Style: E. Lynn Harris w/Balls & Bite www.bookbooter.com

Lori Devoti, Author Romantic Comedies - Site of Lori Devoti, author of romantic comedies set in Southern Missouri and the Ozarks. Site includes: excerpts, newsletter, contests, e-postcards, tips for writers and more fun stuff.

Margaret A. Helms - Lesbian fiction from Margaret A. Helms

Miriam Lee Mystery Romances - Where challenging mysteries and intelligent romance commingle with page-turning suspense.

Mother of 10 - “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.” …but sometimes I think He’s got me mixed up with a cow in a field, somewhere! I am the mother of 10 children…6 boys, no lamps (the boys break them all) and 4 girls. My husband and I are known to be certified insane. We know this to be a fact as he is a Clinical Psychologist. He has a Ph.D., or “sheep-skin”; I have a Br.A., or “sheep-dog”; it rounds them up and gathers them in. As Hilary McRee Flanery, I write short stories and books to bare my soul because after 10 kids, God KNOWS I can’t bare my body. My nom de plume, Long-Skirts, I use to sign my poetry. Why? Because I love “being a girl” and after 10 kids it’s a great way to hide one’s multitude of sins …varicose veins. Stick a feather in your *ss and fly on over to my Web Site and see my newly published book, CAMPIN' IN CHICAGO and "laugh & grow strong."

My Turn By Robert Paul Reyes - Columnist for the Internet edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Neeter Skeeter's Place - Book, movie, and music reviews, plus my original short stories and poetry.

Nightmares Echo by Katlyn Stewart - Nightmares Echo by Katlyn Stewart for excerpts, reviews, book cover, ordering info or interviews: http://katlynstewart.com SYNOPSIS OF NIGHTMARES ECHO: Even as a young girl she knew she was different, knew she had secrets that must be hidden from view. This story delves into the mind of a child as she grows into womanhood, as she learns to live with and deal with sexual abuse from the hands of her Father.. but more importantly, this story is about courage and perseverance.

Six Feet Under Fans Love - "The popularity of the HBO series Six Feet Under may have whetted readers' apetites for funeral home shenanigans. If so, this is the perfect novel to satisfy them" (Publisher's Weekly). This site contains information about the novel, Final Arrangements, by Miles Keaton Andrew. Written before the debut of Six Feet Under, Andrew's novel is a dark comedy set in a southern funeral home.

Stories with Shelly - A wondrous site containing heartwarming short-stories for women. Get cozy and enjoy an enchanting read, guaranteed to make you smile. Every two weeks the story changes so drop by often!

The Bronze God-A Sizzling Sex Scandal! - eBook based on a true of survival, corruption and erotic twists.

The Perfect Elizabeth - Author website for The Perfect Elizabeth by Libby Schmais - contains excerpt, reviews, author bio, interesting links.

Who Is Jack W. Thomas - Nice biography of a forgotten author who sold over 1.5 million books in the 1970s. Complete with book cover art.

www.mlouisesmith.com - An Appointed Time, light mystery/coming of age series for 40+ women

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