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Authors - Writers (35) Sites by and about authors, writers, and their work

Science Fiction (2) Books, authors, and fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Zines - Web Lit (15) Zines and Literature on and for the Web

Book*Mark Book Club  - An online reading society. A new book every few weeks -- a list is posted -- and everyone is welcome! Come on over and join in!

Angel Chickens by Rosemarie Colombraro - Russo Weaver is dying, and her last task is to explain a truth to her son Trooper. Russo tells Trooper of the day they came to Outlaw 17 years earlier, after escaping an unhappy marriage. Read a free excerpt!

Author Zoey Ann Rice - promoting books written by author Zoey Ann RIce

Author_of_terror - A giant snapping turtle stalks swimmers in Lake Michigan. Friends struggle with lies and deception as the body count rises and the truth is reviled!

Book Reviews - Provides links to free and publicly available online reviews of recently released books

Books for Kids and Teens - A colorful site featuring books by award-winning author Ann Herrick, including synopses, reviews, and book-related recipes!

Celia - A Haunting Mystery - a novel of murder, romance and suspense by Sharon Cullars

Cupid Traps - Free Ebk - Cupid Traps is a series of modern romance tales. Expect the unusual.

Danette Davoren - Completely Satisfied is told through the voices of the main characters, Imani Wright and Quinton Banks. Packed with humor, drama and suspense, this novel is designed to take readers for a trip. This novel is designed to keep itís audience captivated with itís realism and is guaranteed to keep readers glued to their seats until they are ultimately Completely Satisfied.

Fire In The Ice By Katlyn Stewart - Fire In The Ice....Romance Novel with a bit of spice. Soon To be released. Read the reviews and excerpts for this newest addition of Katlyn Stewart

Gail Evans - author of: Meditations In My Favourite Places In Southern Africa, Time Trials & The Firstborn of God. Resolving the Contradictions In the Bible.

GirlfriendBooks.com - The books you share with your girlfriends!

Good Books, Bad Books (Thumbnail Reviews) - Women Authors - Personal reviews of a few books by women authors, mostly on philosophy, linguistics, literary criticism, and history.

Hogwarts World - A harrypotter site where you can get sorted, play quiddich, work for the daily prophet, and more!

Kmareka.com - quarterly of writings on literature, politics, and finance from a social work perspective, each issue also contains feature blog, feature memoir, and feature recipes, social work links and resources

Nightmares Echo by Katlyn Stewart - Nightmares Echo by Katlyn Stewart for excerpts, reviews, book cover, ordering info or interviews: http://katlynstewart.com SYNOPSIS OF NIGHTMARES ECHO: Even as a young girl she knew she was different, knew she had secrets that must be hidden from view. This story delves into the mind of a child as she grows into womanhood, as she learns to live with and deal with sexual abuse from the hands of her Father.. but more importantly, this story is about courage and perseverance.

Nikola Kitanovic, poet, novelist, artist - Nikola Kitanovic poet novelist artist, present his famous celebrites poems, novels artworks, famous artists from the net and more.

No Kidding - A New Novel - What happens when everyone around you is blissfully popping babies like so many rabbits, your mother wants a grandchild more than anything else in the world, but you're just not interested?

Novels for Now - Author Geraldine Nesbitt invites you to read a sample of her novel The Cloths of Heaven, published by iuniverse.com and available from online bookstores. Irish interest. Contemporary issues. Catholicism. Catering for people with special needs.

Online novels -- free - Read complete quality novels for free online! Updated weekly with new chapters and features. Several genres to choose from.

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What are you looking for?   
Search only in Art - Entertainment : Books - Literature -   Search Options

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