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Accepting My Life - Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to the site. My name is Jamie Clark and I have had Systemic Lupus for nine years now. I was first dx. with lupus nephritis, then it attached my muscles and was very weak. I have had to have the prednisone and chemo, cytoxin. I also obtained the lupus cebrities, aka brian swelling. Over the years I have had a minor heart attach and stoke. I suffer daily with pain and try to eat right and little exercise as it is very painful to move at times and have no strenth. I have not given up though, the Lord has gotten me through so much and I am still here. I have even tried to reach those who suffer in silence and alone. I went as far as writing my own story, I would like to give an encourging word. You can overcome it. I know it rears its horrible head to remind us daily that it is within us. I have even expressed my self in my poetry. If anyone would ever love to just talk I am always here to listen. I pray the Lord puts his healing hands on everyone of us. My Email is Acceptingmylife@aol.com, which is the title of my book. I hope this is o.k. to mention, it tells how I have survived through it all, lupus, chemo, bankruptcy, losing my career and living with physical limitations now. I have been very close to death too many times, I almost even gave up on myself. So please if anyone ever needs to talk I am here and would love to talk, I check my mail often. God bless, Jamie Clark Title/ Accepting My Life/ Author/ Jamie L. Clark www.publishamerica.com

What are you looking for?   
Search only in A Certain Age : Biography -   Search Options

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