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Directed by John Fortenberry
Written by Steve Koren and Will Ferrell & Chris Cattan
Starring Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, Dan Hedaya and Molly Shannon
My advice: for diehard SNL lovers only
Rating: out of

See this only if you are a big fan of the Roxbury sketchings from Saturday Night Live. I mean, I enjoy SNL as much as the next gal - most appreciatively the SNL from many moons ago - but if you were to take Belushi's samurai or Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd's Wild and Crazy Guys, would anyone be willing to watch them for two hours?

This is what Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's seemed to be banking on. But, while amusing in a two minute dose, their Butabi brothers just could not make the big screen transition for me.

The gist of the story is this. Now defunct TV star Richard Grieco (playing himself) is worshipped as a God by two well developed losers, Steve and Doug Butabi (Ferrell and Kattan). Not cut out for the corporate scene, what little work they do they do for their dad (Hedaya) in his flower shop. But this isn't enough for even the most diehard of morons.

Together they dream of opening a nightclub. Not just any club, but a club even better than the mystical "Roxbury," which, even after numerous attempts, they can never seem to get in to.

In an odd twist of fate they somehow realize the Roxbury dream and fall in to the graces of it's notorious owner (an uncredited Chazz Palminteri). Once in, they are snatched up by two mini-skirted gold diggers who, due to the Butabi's newly formed relationship with the owner, have pegged them as the club elite.

It just progresses in silly fashion from there. Now, in all fairness, I did laugh. But the secret to this movie is allowing yourself to laugh at them, not with them. Enjoy the Butabis for being just what they are. Losers. Only then does the movie seem not so bad.


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