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Directed by Tony Scott

Written by David Marconi

Starring Will Smith, Gene Hackman,
Jon Voight, Gabriel Byrne, Regina King

My Advice: Will, just leave her and CALL ME!

Rating: out of

The man with the most kissable lips in Hollywood has done it again. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

This is a story about Robert Dean (Smith). A partner in a successful law practice, he's on the fast track to having it all. The token adoring wife (King), an endearingly cute kid and a beautiful home in the suburbs! Oh, wait. I need to amend that just a tad. He doesn't have everything because he doesn't have me. Will, I love you. Come to your senses and call me!

While Christmas shopping for his wife in a lingerie shop (the required Hollywood dose of near nudity and thong clad behinds) he literally "runs" in to an old friend from college (Jason Lee). It's at this point his life becomes more than he ever bargained for. This friend who, scant moments later hastily departs from the plot line, has passed to him highly incriminating evidence of a murder.  Not just any murder, mind you, but the assasination of someone rather high on the political food chain. Now one might think an educated corporate lawyer would know exactly what to do in a situation such as this.  That would be true unless you were unaware that the evidence has even been passed to you.  That is what brings Dean his problems.

The murderer, a serpent like Voight, ferrets out Deans innocent involvement and will stop at nothing to get the evidence back. It's shades of The Net meets The Fugitive as Dean is now forced to run for his life.

I always enjoy Will's movies. There's a quality about this man that is likable and highly desirable and it never fails to come across the screen. Gene Hackman and John Voight do wonderful turns in their respective roles and the rest of the film is peppered with a great supporting cast.

The movie is fast paced and thrilling and it's wonderful to see both sides of that thrill offered to you in an energetic fashion like this. Not only do we watch Dean running for his life, but we also get a glimpse into the technical tricks of Uncle Sam as they track, trace and do everything but bar-code the man.

You'll wonder how he'll ever get away. You'll wonder how he'll ever clear his name. It's seems impossible right up the very end, but we know Will can do it. God bless him, Will can do anything.



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