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November '99

 November 30

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean...

November 29

It's a sick day!

 November 28


November 27

Oh, coffee, my coffee...

November 26

  The Last Crusade

 November 25

Here's to Flipping the Bird

 November 24

"I am the Pongman. Kuu kuu ka chew."

November 23

  Y2K is A-OK

 November 22

Cosmetics Conundrum

November 21

Phillip Morris is a Friend of Mine!

 November 20

I Have Worms in My Freezer 

November 19

The Sugarloaf Toy Machine

November 18

Cyber Stalkers


Mom's New Laws

November 17

The Dementia of Daytime TV

November 16

Advice For the Floundering Husband

November 15

I Need Meds....STAT!!

November 14

Is There No Sanctuary?

November 13

A Premature Christmas

November 12

I'm a Human Snowblower

November 4

Feeling a Bit Flaky

November 3

Look, Ma!  I'm Flying!

November 2

Scottie Pippen is My Friend!

November 1


October 31

Guide to Mother Hood

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