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December 27th, 1999
20 Ways to Make Macaroni and Cheese More Interesting

We're rebuilding our shattered family one hug at a time. Now quite a few days past my husband's firing, we're settling in and making some changes. Clearly someone has something planned for us. Things like this don't happen without reason or purpose.

Thank you to all of who shared your kind wishes on the message boards and took time to contact me personally to share in my sadness and shock. It sure helped to know strangers out there are still ready to extend a helping hand. And you did help. All of you.

Christmas was wonderful! I, as noted earlier in my journals, clearly overshopped. Our MiniVan was packed to the gills with gifts and they spread out four feet past the base of the tree. The stockings weren't hung by the chimney with care, they were instead packed on the couch because the stuffers were spilling over the brim. Everyone got what they wanted, including myself. A new CD player for my office and CD's to go with it. I'm happy.
We all are.

A good note to the hubby being home is that he can now cook dinner. I'm a miserable cook. It's not that I can't cook, I'm just miserable when I do it. By the time I get home I'm too tired to function past flipping the remote and tucking kids into bed. We've decided to cut out the daycare and have John take something in the evenings. We'll be making that change soon. In the mean time, no more macaroni and cheese for us! Someone will finally be here to cater to our nutritional needs!

However, with my many years of macaroni cooking, I have developed a few neat twists and tricks. Time to share them all with you.

Til tomorrow.....Maji

20 ways to make macaroni and cheese more interesting!

#1) Green food dye. Every toddler knows that green stuff is more fun to eat! Grasshoppers, the lawn and dishwashing liquid, for example.

#2) Serve it a day old and cold! Shape it creatively into a Teletubbie! Express yourself!

#3) If you really want them to eat it, dish it out into the Barbie Grand Minivan or the cat's dish. Now that's fun!

#4) Pretend to sneeze it out of your nose. Boogers are pretty neat when you're little.

#5) Spend an evening installing small motorized gyrators in each shell. Make their dinner dance and sing the Macarena! Okay, this may take more time than you actually have but if you really want five minutes of peace in the shower, you'll listen to me.

#6) Dinner in the tub! Kill two birds with one, soapy stone!

#7) Go to McDonalds and leave the macaroni in the box.

#8) Four words! Macaroni and Cottage cheese! Yummy!

#9) Hide the macaroni in an old shoebox in the flower bed and let the kids dig it up! Everyone knows things taste better when you dig them out of the ground!

#10) Allow the kids to preheat it in the VCR. After all, that bologna must be getting lonely.

#11) Serve it in their hair. Most of it ends up there anyway.

#12) Make macaroni necklaces. That way they can eat on the move.

#13) Make it a candlelit macaroni dinner! If they can't see what they're eating, you might be able to sneak some brussel sprouts in there.

#14) First one to finish the bowl gets that Pokemon card they wanted!

#15) Cold macaroni snacks! A little granola, some pasta, a few banana chips! It's a healthy, crunchy bag of goodness!

#16) Marinate the macaroni all night in tequila. It won't be any fun for them since they can't eat it but after you have a bowl, will you really care?

#17) Let them trick or treat for their dinner! Shovel the macaroni into a bag along with some peas and applesauce and it becomes a fun holiday event!

#18) Let the dog try it first. Anything that passes the pooch taste test is something toddlers are pretty keen on eating.

#19) Get your neighbor to dress up as their favorite cartoon superhero and tout the many goodness factors of a well rounded macaroni dinner while simultaneously juggling flaming torches!

#20) Tell them they absolutely, positively cannot eat the macaroni on their plate. You're not kidding. They can't touch it. Reverse psychology, after all, is the clever moms grandest weapon.


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