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December 24th, 1999
A gift for the Moms

Well. My husband was fired the other day. Right before Christmas. Just a week ago they were telling him what a great job he was doing, they bought him sports tickets just a week before that as a Thank You for a job well done, they had me fax our insurance information yesterday morning - and then one hour later they let him go and they won't say why. People are funny creatures. It's a family run business and I can only assume that they had to let someone go and since 90% of the other employees are related to him, my husband was the natural choice. I have no idea.

But I REFUSE to let this get me down. I'm a happy person, after all. I have a family I can count on for support if needed, Christmas is all taken care of and wrapped, I've been selling some of my writing and that money will help and, most importantly of all, there are people out there far worse off than I.

I'm not in Venezuela. I'm not spending my Christmas taking flowers to a plot in a cemetery somewhere. I won't be sitting beside the bedside of a dying family member offering whatever comfort I possibly can. Instead I'll be watching my children unwrap their gifts and reveling in the joy that only Motherhood can offer. With that, I bring you this.

God Bless to the moms of the world. We are the ones that make this a brighter place with our hopes, our conviction and our love.

Here's to the Mom that makes Christmas happen.
Who cooks til the wee hours and wraps with kids napping.

Here's to the lady who hustles and shops when,
Lord knows, she's really just dying to drop.

To the juggler of cookies, the baker of cakes,
and the sewer with pageant costumes she still needs to make.

To the kisser of knees and the teller of fables
who still manages to get dinner onto the table

She's the procurers of Pokemon no one can find and can
search malls for hours without losing her mind.

She pulls off Christmas for pennies; she can save a fair bundle
and she does it all while remaining quite sane and quite humble

Impressively gifted in wrapping and bowing, she'll send you
a wink that's, as always, all knowing

She managed to get you just what you had wanted and
she found it with spirit that couldn't be daunted

So as you sit 'neath the tree and tear into your gifts
take a moment to thank her who brought you all this

She doesn't do it for kudos or your recognition
and it certainly wasn't on the "Mom application"

She does it all for her angels sent from Heaven above
She's a mother. She's thankful. She does it for love.


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Copyright 1999 by
Marijke Hildreth



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