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November 18th, 1999

Cyber Stalkers

Good evening!!!!!!!  Happy, happy day!  Hey, does anyone here know much about copyrite issues?  If I have something featured somewhere BUT I don't get paid or sign any contract of any type can it be freely used elsewhere?  Just wondering. I've submitted so many things to so many people, I don't want to get in trouble here.  Email me if ya do! *Update - nevermind!  The God's of Law and Apostrophe's answered me....I'm set.

Today was a prosperous day.  I went shopping on office hours.  Well, only for a few minutes. I always try to grab something for Christmas when I run to the bank.  If I know I'm on a limited timeframe it makes it easier to spend less. Gotta get ready early!  With this many kids the more prepared the better!

Hey, the folks at Coffeerooms asked me if I would be interested in doing movie reviews for them.  Hardy har.  I think that's pretty cool.  Oh, and....just to share....I have a little sample of fan mail!!  Um...can it be deemed fan mail?  Nice stuff said about something you wrote?  I don't's all so new to me but, anyway, here it is!   Well, I'll be damned.  I lost it. How about that.  And I was gonna have it framed and mounted and all that stuff.  Shoot.

Well, time for another little mini-feature about life, the universe and me....and, since AOL is my universe, here it is. 


The best thing about the internet is the ability for every creature from the below-average gene pool to seek you out with just one creative click of the button!   Yes, you too can have your very own cyber stalker!

The following is an actual transcript of an online conversation. I've taken the liberty in blocking out some of the more colorful language.  Also, some names have been changed to protect the idiotic.  Enjoy

AnotherAOLMoron:  what r u wearing?

JustOneNastyBabe:  Sod off, you miserable wanker. 

AnotherAOLMoron: i guess u dont know what your missing then

JustOneNastyBabe: Oh, woe is me. I'm off to kill myself now.

AnotherAOLMoron: k goodluck i hope u succeed

JustOneNastyBabe: I could just stay here and let you bore me to death.  You're certainly off to a great start.

AnotherAOLMoron: and u know what just as your sn you really are one nasty b****!!!!!!!!!

JustOneNastyBabe: Well, thanks :)

JustOneNastyBabe: <takes note>

JustOneNastyBabe: I do try

AnotherAOLMoron: u act like a 2 year old with your senseless little commnts u wouldnt be worthy of me anyways

JustOneNastyBabe: Whew. There is a God.

JustOneNastyBabe: Guess it's back to church for me Sunday

JustOneNastyBabe: They still do it on Sunday, right???

AnotherAOLMoron: yeah and im jesus christ

JustOneNastyBabe: Now I see why they crucified you.

JustOneNastyBabe: I feel like pounding some nails into you myself :)

AnotherAOLMoron: do even know what ur talking about

JustOneNastyBabe: Um.... <deciphering really bad typing> Can you do that in English?

AnotherAOLMoron: what are u polish cant read shorthand

JustOneNastyBabe: Well, men with a short hand usually have a short......well, ya know. I just can't keep focused.

AnotherAOLMoron: and u would know

JustOneNastyBabe: That was right along the "I know you are, but what am I?" mentality.

JustOneNastyBabe: I keep waiting for Pee Wee Herman to announce the word of the day now.

AnotherAOLMoron: what are u on the rag

AnotherAOLMoron: im much bigger than pee wee

JustOneNastyBabe: Bigger than "peewee"?  Would that be "extra small??? You know....small of mind...small of......

AnotherAOLMoron: yeah im sure guys drop dead over u miss one nasty babe

JustOneNastyBabe: Well, they have been known to pass out. But I haven't killed a one yet

JustOneNastyBabe: I keep oxygen on hand

JustOneNastyBabe: Better safe than sorry

AnotherAOLMoron: if your so nasty u sure as hell ant safe

JustOneNastyBabe: Well, let's see. Oh, I'll stay on your level. I'm the rubber, you're the glue. What ever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. <sticks out tongue for good measure>

AnotherAOLMoron: ok u are making no sense

AnotherAOLMoron: so bye nasty b****

JustOneNastyBabe: Making no sense?  <jumps up and down with glee> I've succeeded in killing your last brain cell :)

JustOneNastyBabe: Thanks for playing and have an outstanding night :)


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Marijke Hildreth



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