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June 2nd, 2000
I'm Outta Here!

Okay! I am now officially starting my vacation. I don't actually leave til the 9th, but I have a ton of things to do before I get out of here, so I need to leave myself ample time. When I return, I shall also have gads of stuff to catch up on, so I don't imagine you'll see me until the beginning of August. So, to all three of my readers, try not to miss me too much.

I wanted to thank EVERYONE for their marvelous ideas on what to do in California. I printed out all of the suggestions so we'll have tons of stuff to keep us busy. Most importantly, I wanted to thank the reader who signed as "Mom" whom suggested we go to Disneyland and followed it up with a "ha ha ha". Thanks, Mom. Now all of you can finally see where the warped sense of humor came from.

I was super busy last night working on the doll site that I do editing for. I had a ton of pictures to load up, not to mention a drunk twenty year old male member from my writer's group in my instant messages begging for conversation. I just patted him on the head and sent him off to bed. Men. They start off immature, and they don't get too much better, do they?

I'm really looking forward to starting the trip! I've been budgeting really wisely and went out and bought a bunch of non perishables at the store yesterday to take along with us. I figure after paying all my hotel costs and buying the remainder of my tickets into events out there, I should have about $2000 worth of spending cash left over. This will still leave me money in the bank for when I return PLUS I'll have another check waiting for me when I get back.

Well, that's it! I'm going to finish up my work and then be on my way! All of you have a super few weeks until I return and stay out of trouble!



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