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May 31st, 2000
Tourists Wanted!

Hello, happy reader(s). Aw, who am I kidding? I think Annie may be the only one who reads these things. Maybe not even her. Oh, wait. HI MOM! There. I have a loyal following, after all.

So, I have a million things to do. Packing, working, etc. Oy vey. This next week is going to be jumping.

Had a nice Memorial weekend. My oldest daughter burnt herself to a crisp and -- of course -- woke up Tuesday morning whining about how hurt and injured she was. She did look miserable, I'll give her that. We kept her home. Her dad went out and picked up her cousin to bring her over to go swimming, since they are already out of school, and, sure enough, mine is whining because she can't go to the pool and get crispied up some more. Kids. Go figure.

My mother-in-law came over to babysit this morning so my husband could appear on a speeding ticket he got. (News for you, huh, Mom! Surprise!) Anyway, no biggie. $45 fine and two points. BUT...while he was gone my three year old gets into the stuff I have prepacked and gets out the shampoo and the conditioner and decides to wash the dog. No water. Just the shampoo and conditioner. He dumped out the entire thing all over the dog and my bedroom carpet. John did the best he could with the wetvac, but I'll have some crunchy carpet for awhile. UGH. Kids. Gotta love them!

So, let's test out my readership here. Anyone know of any entertaining stuff to do in California? If so,
drop me a line.

See you all tomorrow!


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