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May 30th, 2000

I forgot you on Friday. Shame on me! I've been super busy and planning for vacation, so things have been hectic.

Busy weekend. I cut my hair. That's right. Cut my very own hair. Took off about two inches but now I can wear it down without it getting all in my face. It was getting a tad out of hand.

So, there I was Sunday afternoon laying on the couch and whining about being bored. My husband told me to get out of the house so I opted for Bingo. Hadn't been in about a million years -- and couldn't even remember the rudimentaries about playing the damned game. I should have known better than
to waste the cash. I mean, I just won over $800 in the mountains last week. What was I thinking? Did I actually think that I was going to win again?

No. But I did. To the tune of $200


Took my son to the movies the other day. Saw the new Jackie Chan flick. I am a huge Jackie fan. Loved it! Very funny. I highly recommend it.

Went shopping today and bought a sinfully expensive sundress. Really soft denim material. It's awesome and so comfortable. Almost like being naked.

So, you'll have me the rest of this week and then I am on vacation starting
this Friday. I have tons of stuff to get accomplished before we hit the road, but I did buy my Disneyland tickets at the Disney Store today, so that's one less thing down.

See you tomorrow!


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