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May 23rd, 2000
Vacation Looms!

Yes, that's right. My almost three week vacation is just around the corner! I booked my rooms today. We're going to stay on the Vegas strip for one night on the way to California and I have a room in California across the street from Disneyland.

We had been planning on going to Florida, but the drive is just so damned far we can't see being in the car with the kids for almost seven days total there and back. This way, we can leave Friday morning, hang in Vegas overnight and show the kids the lights and the sights, and be in California by Saturday.
Much more feasible.

I'm buying a flex pass for Disneyland for five days -- so we can just take our time -- and we'll do Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and we're thinking of also doing Lego Land. My boys are crazy for Legos. I was going to do Universal Studios but I don't think it would be good for the small ones. I think the sights and stuff might frighten them a bit. Like that huge shark. Could scar them for life. Now a shark made out of Legos I'm sure they can handle. Also, this way we have a few days free for the beach. That will be nice.

I got a room with two queen beds and a double. It's got a fridge and microwave so we can save up some on food. We'll do sandwiches, cereal, pick up some yogurt, etc. Just cut down on expenses as much as we can. It's a lot of money, but the money I won yesterday gambling will cover almost all of the hotel stay. That will sure help.

My littlest daughter got in trouble today. Asked her dad if she could go play with the little girl next door and he said sure. So, she went over and no one was home BUT the door was unlocked because they had just stepped out for a bit. My neighbors came home to find my five year old exiting their house. She went in and played for a while. Kids. What can you do? :)

Well, I'm off. I have work that needs to be done and Ally McBeal has their season finale tonight. (It's Monday night as I type this!)

See you tomorrow!


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