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May 22nd, 2000

Wow. I have had such an awesome weekend.

#1 - The government sent back my property taxes. All $380.00 worth. I guess it comes out of my homeowners payments or something. Anyway, the cash is mine.

#2 - I have been invited to participate in something huge. That's all I can say at this time, but it's a WOW! kinda thing.

#3 - The big one! I went gambling with my parents in the mountains Sunday. I felt kinda guilty because I thought I should be working and not playing all day. You don't make any money playing, doncha know. I suck at gambling. I have no patience and I always end up broke in a nanosecond. So, I limited myself to $60.00. No more, no less. And, needless to say, that $60 bucks was gone in a heartbeat. I had resigned myself to just watching my mom and dad play for the remainder of the day when my Mom slipped me a $20.

"Just give it back if you win," she said.

So, I started to play. I won a few small pots, lost some more, won some more, etc. I just kept stuffing the cash they gave me for my tiny jackpots into my pocket. When we left that afternoon, I counted it up.


YAY ME!!!!!!!!!

That's it for me, today. Super weekend, which means the week coming up will promptly go to hell in a handbasket.



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