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May 19th, 2000
They Return!

I've been terribly lax in my Peg and Marion duties. I am quite pleased they follow me around still. I'm so undeserving as I am horrible at responding.

This one is for you, P&M. Thanks for your support.

Subj: Maji dear
Date: 05/18/2000 6:52:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: PegandMarion
To: JustOneNastyBabe

Hello Maji dear-

Peg and Marion here. We hope you have been well.

We have been checking out your web site as we always do and we really like the new look. (Well, it's probably a month old look now). We were afraid it was starting to look like the thousands of web pages we have looked at. But it has taken on a look that is very unique and inviting. It makes one want to stop and loiter for a while. And you certainly keep enough new things to read to prompt a return visit. Your web page says "I am Maji and I am here to entertain you. Sit down for a while and let SuperBoobs do her thing." (We love the continuing saga of Ms. Boobs and her foes.) We especially like the "News Ticker" you have on your front page. That is a very classy addition. Congratulations on a job well done.

We have also checked out Good Lord, woman, no wonder you were busy! What a wonderful web site that is for doll collectors. The work that went into that must have been phenomenal. We hope you were well rewarded for your efforts. The only dolls Marion and I had when we were kids were the ones we made ourselves. We used a stick with cloth wrapped around it or sometimes a dried corn cob for a body and a potato for a head. The year we grew cotton we used cotton balls for heads. What fun we had with those dolls!

We see in your journal that you are planning a vacation. Maji, we think you deserve some time off to rest and relaxate and are very glad you are going to do that. We were getting very worried that you were working to hard and would just burn out. I hope you are going to spend time with your family. Their is nothing more important in life than family, especially if you have children. We look forward to reading some vacation stories when you return.

We also found your work on ThemeStream. We were directed to ThemeStream by our dear friend, Lady named Dave. We hope you are collecting all your dimes. We asked the ThemeStream folks if they would like dimes with our picture on them but they declined.

Speaking of dimes, Marion and I bought new office chairs recently and we had to put them together ourselves. We couldn't find the tool box with the screw drivers so we put our chairs together with a dime. Who knew Woodrow Wilson could screw all afternoon! (We know that is a naughty paragraph but it is a true story.)

Well, dear Maji- as always we enjoy your writing and web page and visit often.

We are, as we have been since the turn of the century- (oh, my. What a thing to write)

Peg and Marion.

PS - We almost forgot. You and Dave will have a neighbor in the room next to you very soon. Her name is Tammie and her folks are Tammie Faye Baker and Nick Nolte. We know you will all get along.

See you all Monday,

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