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May 17th, 2000
I'm an HTML God!

I did it! Friend of mine sent me a new Java applet program and I had a hell of a time getting it up and running, but I pulled it off. I'm not going to let the fact that it took me almost seven hours to do so distract from my glory, either.

You can check it out at It's my new "News Ticker" at the top of the page. I can actually scroll columns and mock headlines and if you lay your cursor over it, it stops so you can click and go to the link. Very cool. It allowed me to clean my page up some, also. That's nice. Looks much neater.

I had popped on to do a bit of work, but my AOL browser seems to be down. Dumb AOL. Oh, if any of you had problems logging on last week, around Wednesday or Thursday, I think, you should call AOL. They'll give you a free month of service for the trouble. I didn't even have to ask for it. Just called to complain since I had a TON of work to do that night and it hampered me greatly.

How about that Buffy last night? Pretty cool episode, I thought. Loved the special effects.

Now, I am off to watch Angel and then a movie with my family. I've been working really hard and I deserve some time off.

Have a good one!


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