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May 8th, 2000

Okay. Here's the scoop.

I broke away long enough to hit the movies last night. Went to see that new submarine flick, U-571. VERY GOOD. Highly recommend it.

Now, here's a bit of interesting trivia. You know those little "movie trivia" spots they run before they previews or movies actually start? This is what I found out last night.

"The mechanical horse that Elizabeth Taylor rode in the 1944 film, National Velvet, was taken out of the closet for The Legend Of SleepyHollow and dusted off, had facial expressions added, and the ability to blow steam from it's nose."

Takes all the fun out of it now that you know "The Legend" was poofing around the forest on National Velvet, doesn't it?

And speaking to irony:

I watched a gaggle of kids come in with their mom and pop and they settled down right next to some guy and his wife. Whole theater full of seats and this guy is sitting next to a five year old. So I pointed out to my hubby,

"Now we can see what kind of an asshole he really may be. I bet he gets up and moves. If not, he's a pansy. I'd move. I wouldn't stay there. I'm not sitting next to some kid all through the movie. Not a little kid like that."

Well, the guy didn't move. Even though I bet he wanted to, he just sat there.

Irony? Two seconds later I was joined by my "own" kid. Directly to my left and jabbing me with his elbow all the while. Did I move? No. Because my husband was laughing so hard he was blocking the aisle with his body.

And last, but not least, I was trapped in the grocery check out line. Guy in front of me bought a case of beer and the young lady was too young to ring up the sale. She had to call for management to come over and do it for her.

But she was at least 8 months pregnant.

Now that's ironic;


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