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April 19th, 2000
Elvis. King of taters.

Oy. I have a headache today. I'm just sitting here biding my time until I can go home, get into bed, and yank the covers over my head.

I feel like crap.

I'm not sure how many of you keep up with my literary appearances, but I do a stint for Amateur Chef Magazine. It all began when I spotted an add looking for writers and thought to myself;

"Well, shit. I can't even make an icecube. This is perfect for me!"

For some reason, the nice, albeit delusional, folks hired me on and I now have my own "Clueless in the Kitchen" series.

Here's the latest installment! I'm going to resume beating my head against my desk now.

Elvis. King of Taters

Bon Appetit...Appateet....Apathetic....



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