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April 18th, 2000

Happy "day after the IRS sucks you dry, screws you without the benefit of Vaseline, and kicks you to the curb like a smelly chunk of refuse." Did anyone else have to pay? I normally don't, but I got pinched just a little. Blood suckers.

Remember my column on paranoia? I'm now looking that blood sucker reference over with a tad of apprehension thinking I might get audited. Not that I have a damned thing to audit, but it could certainly happen.

I'm now so freaked out I'm ready to chuck my entry and write about thumbtacks.

It was a quite weekend for me. Saturday morning I got up and, since I had some movies to watch, I made haste for the couch, snuggled beneath a quilt and watched TV. It was snowing, which always adds to my sloth-ness.

My Mom called around 9am, to see what I was doing, and my husband stretched the phone cord to the breaking point so I wouldn't have to leave the harbor of my chesterfield. She called again at 5pm and we repeated the process. Yes, I was THAT lazy.

Also, I haven't mentioned this yet, my husband has quit his job. With my permission, of course. I sat down and we crunched the numbers. All the money into daycare, extra money for a higher tax bracket, money for tools for his job, money spent driving around, him working nights and never seeing the kids, me not getting enough work done because I'm too busy with the kids, dirty house, laundry piled as high as Mount Everest. I think you get the picture. So, I have a house Daddy, which is really cool. Even better because he loves to cook, cleans my house, plays with his kids and I have all of my time free to write. With my evenings free, I am gettng so much done now that I have more time to spend with the kids on the weekend.

Or to just lay on the couch.

See you!



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