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April 3rd, 2000
A Hair Raising Experience

#1 - <waving to Peg and Marion> Hi, there. Thanks so much for your mail. I will answer you some day. Swear to God. I just need to figure out how to type while in REM sleep.

So, I have a wee reprieve. The doll site -- -- is officially up. However, our email promptly crashed down. Darn it.

Either or, I had a nice weekend off. I even went out and caught a movie today, which I haven't done in ages. I saw Boys Don't Cry. All I can say is....Wow.

It was disturbing, yet uplifting. A celebration of what makes us different and a sad, sad tale of all the prejudice in our world. I can see now why Hillary Swank won that Oscar. She was captivating. You honestly forget that this was a girl pretending to be a boy. She was that amazing.

I also went shopping today. YAY ME! I love to shop. I got very lucky, as a few stores were offering some great deals. 75% off and then an additional 33% on top of that. Can you believe it? I bought about $1400 worth ot clothes for the kids for $250. Amazing. I even got some brand names like Tommy Hilfiger (however ya spell it) and my daughter was overjoyed. Amazing deals.

Bought myself a new book. I plan to read as much as I can again. In trying to launch this new website I've been averaging about 35 additional hours of work a week. Put in 41 1/2 last week. I'm wiped. I do need the money but I am hoping this week will be a bit slower for me. And since our email system has crashed, there's not too much concern about anyone getting ahold of me, is there?

Oh, I've got a new column. Based on actual events. Well, I did tweak them just a tad, in order to make it more entertaining, but I swear it happened.
You can read it here.

Well, I am off for the night. It's snowing like crazy and I plan to crawl under the covers with my book, read for awhile, and then watch a new episode of the X-Files. And then, tomorrow, it's back to work.

See you on Tuesday!


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