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March 29, 2000
Rules by Roz

First off, Peg and Marion. If you read this, I have not forgotten you. I'm just terribly overworked. Forgive me and send out for more M&M's.

Now, back to the matter at hand. Roz. Yes, I am not just the creator of the fabulous Super Boobs. I do have another character to offer.

A few months back I answered an ad looking for writers for a new doll collectible site. I'm money hungry that way; I'll write about damned near anything.

They offered me a column to create a doll collector and poke fun at the world of collecting. Could I do that? Hell, yes! Luckily for me, this has now spanned into a regular gig and I'm also creating and editing their online magazine, which will go live in about a week or so. The site is under massive construction right now, but will be available to everyone soon. Perhaps even by Monday next week. You'll be able to check out all of my work at, and if you collect dolls of any type, I highly recommend you check this out. This site is going to be a blockbuster.

I did want to take a moment to introduce her. She is a clever little cartoon character, and you can read a sample of my first column, Rules by Roz, by clicking the link below. Hope you like her. She's a damned cute little redhead, just like me.

Maji "Roz, as well" Hildreth


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