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March 23, 2000
That's Snot Funny!

Well, well, well.

Hectic day as far as the kidlets went.

This morning my daughter announces she has soccer practice after school. Can I pick her up at 5pm? Sure, honey! No problem.

3pm my son calls. Can he stay late after school? Study his algebra? Sure, honey! No problem! Just meet your sister in the gym!

3:30pm my daughter calls from a payphone. She's locked out of the house. Her brother has the key. There was no practice. Oh, well. Hide behind a tree and I'll see you at 5:30pm, honey!

4:00pm the son calls. There's nobody in the gym, Mom. Well, no wonder. I pick him up at 4:45pm and we head home.

So, then I get to daycare and my precocious three year old announces he received a spanking that day. A spanking, I say? Goodness! We never warrant a spanking there so we must have been particularly naughty!

At this point Debbie, my daycare angel, is giggling. She only gave him a wee tap, she says. And she tells me the story.

Nap time. All of the kidlets are downstairs taking their afternoon siestas. Or so she thought.

A few minutes of raucous giggling and she sets off to investigate.

And there he is. My sweet little baboo. Naked with his pants around his waist shaking his 'bon bon' for all the world to see. Of course, everyone was giggling and having a riotous good time. Quite the little comedian he is.

I wonder where he gets that from? Hmmmm?

So, I see the Lady named Dave has a cold. Shame. I have one, too. In fact, it even inspired a new column. Please be advised the following is based upon actual events and should be featured sometime soon on an upcoming Fox Special entitled "When Animals Attack" or something as equally nonsensical.

I do advise this is not for the weak of stomach, but highly recommended for the humor impaired.

That's Snot Funny!

See you Friday!


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