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March 9th, 2000
Naked Coeds, Vaseline and whipped cream!

Hello, happy readers!

I am, I should honestly say, not happy.

I have been offered a job in Michigan. This would require relocation.

But I cannot leave my family behind. My Mom and my Dad, the people I love the most.

Also, it's an upstart business. I cannot leave everything behind without knowing that this is a guaranteed, positive success.

Anyway, it's neither here nor there. I have been crying for about an hour now, as I am overwhelmed with gratitude merely at the offer.

Not very funny stuff, so I shall refrain. Point in fact, I'm not going anywhere. Not for a long time.

Other than that, I was sick today. More unhappy stuff. I think it was food poisoning, seriously. Came home early and took a nap. I feel better now, not counting all of the crying.

So, I have a hit counter on my web page. Anyone who has a page of their own probably knows what that is. It counts how many visitors you have each day.

Mine is one step above that as it tells me where my visitors are from and exactly what page they are reading.

I'm being featured every week in an online Humor Mailing. I was dejected to note that, on an average day, I get 100-300 visitors to read my stuff when I am featured. However, should my column titles feature the word "panties" or "boobs" in it, and I get over 1,000 visitors in that one day.

Clearly, my average fare is not what folks are looking for. As I am always happy to provide, I have a new column up. Let's see how many hits I get the day the Humor mailing features this.

Naked Coeds, Vaseline and whipped cream!

Keeping it real;


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