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March (I think it's 6th) 2000
Ready to drop

Well, here it is, 10:30pm Sunday night. I have no idea what the date is for tomorrow and I am frazzled beyond recognition.

I have been working my entire weekend on the launch for the magazine for March 15th. I put in 13 1/2 hours yesterday and, in a half an hour, it will be 12 hours today. I still have a letter from the editor to complete and I need to sketch out pictures for each and every page. I may ultimately do those tomorrow as I am ready to drop.

I have nothing to tell you. Not one thing. Unless you want to know about the new Barbie Collector's Series line, as I know every single one of those by heart now. I had no idea that I could possibly run out of words for description so easily. You can only say "fashionable" and "stunning" so many times before your eyes begin to cross.

I wish I had more information to fill you in on, but I don't. If you're new to my journal, check out my home page, FunnyBabe Online ( and read some of my archives.

Until Tuesday unless the dolls get me;


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