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March 3rd, 2000
Michael, row your boat ashore

Work, work, work. Oy, oy, oy.

I have been writing about dolls all night long. Hey, have you seen the new Fashion Models in the Barbie collection? Very pretty. Very.

Not too much has happened to me today. Oh, only one thing of note.

I picked the kids up from daycare and, when I did, I set my cigarettes in the front passenger seat.

My daughter got in and tossed them over to the driver's side.

I opened the door and they fell out.

Big deal, you say?

Fell out into a gutter awash with rain water. A gully. Zipped off like a small, Marlboro boat.

What did I do? Well, here in Colorado us poor folk chase those wet cigarettes down. I caught them in about half a block and took them home and dried them out over an open flame. Not well enough, though, as I sucked down about an inch of swamp water so far. Ew.

My husband is back to work tonight. Yehaw! Peace in the household. We had left overs for dinner and I got everyone off to bed with little fuss. It's nice and quiet here.

Okay. Speaking of bad days. Have you all caught the news? I guess it's flooding over in Africa or some place. There was a lady caught in a tree for three days. Three whole days as the flood waters zoomed by beneath her. Can you even imagine? Okay, now, while your imagining, add this. She gave birth in the tree. That's right. Tree labor. The baby and her were rescued successfully.

So, the moral of my entry today? When your cigarettes float off in a rush of flood waters, keep in mind that you're not giving birth in a tree. Things can always get worse.

See you on Monday!


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