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March 1st, 2000
Well how about that?

Oddest thing today. Remember that boss who fired my husband right before Christmas? He called out of the blue and asked my husband to come in and talk. He wanted to apologize and offer him the job back.

See, my man has a bit of a hot temper. One of those guys where you can just see it in his face if he's mad, you know? Well, his old boss was the same. He told John (my hubby) that he should have calmed down and talked to him professionally, but he just snapped and the words were out before he knew what he was saying.

Anyway, he has his old job back, great pay, keeps his vacation, we get our insurance. Life is good once more.

I am sitting here typing this out quickly while my husband puts me new desk together. I went out and bought a desk and some office supplies so I can really get down to business. I can't work as an editor off some rickety old table with no storage space. What a mess that would be. I think I may even be able to get reimbursed for it, so that would be no money out of my pocket, which is good.

Almost time for the wee ones to go to bed. I hope he finishes that desk soon as I have a column to write and some stuff to do before I call it a night.

I wrote a new column the other night, just as I promised. All about flight and the airport experience. I was standing in line the other day, waiting to board, and they called for First Class. The lady beside me said, "So, you're not First Class, too, huh?" And I told her, "No. I'm waiting for them to call low class."

And thus
a column was born.

Talk to you tomorrow!



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