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February 22, 2000
Stupid me

I am such a dope. A dope, but a happy dope. Do you recall how I said I needed to pay taxes? I never have to pay taxes. I couldn't figure out what I could possibly have done so wrong to end up owing like I did. Well, I gathered all of my info today and sadly set to the task and....realized I screwed it up. I forgot the obligatory $500 per kidlet deduction. Hence, I don't owe taxes after all. That's the good news.

Bad news. My husband went into work Friday afternoon and they decided they couldn't afford an extra guy after all so they let him go. Har har har. Back to square one. If it weren't for bad luck, he would have no luck at all. Poor fellow.

More good news. My writer's group has chosen me as site of the week and, also, from here on out each week I get to select a member and bestow the award on them. That's nice. I feel special.

Work is still going well for me. The writing, that is. I leave for Michigan Friday and will spend the weekend in a nice bed and breakfast. I may even get to sleep in, or something, which is a novel concept for me. And I am sure I'll get to actually eat my very own dinner without interruption. Unless some strange toddler at the restaurant steals some french fries off my plate. We mom's can't go anywhere.

I still feel crappy today. Stuffy nose, aching, sore throat. I can't kick this nasty flu for the life of me. Looks like another night of early bed and as much sleep as possible. I'm disappointed, though, that I cannot stay awake to watch the shows I want to see. I slept through the last half hour of The Others on Saturday and also through X-Files last night. I hate that. There are few television shows I actually watch and I want to be alert for them.

My five year old is making me crazy. We couldn't find her coat this morning -- it was ultimately discovered up at the park where her and her older sister left it last night -- so she had to wear her little brother's coat. This is a new coat I bought on sale for next year, so it fit her fine. But she cried all the way to daycare. "I'm a baby, now!" "I'm a boy!" You couldn't help but laugh. Bless her heart, she is such an unhappy little thing.

Well, I am off. More sleep to be had and a flu to battle.

See you all Wednesday;


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