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February 18th, 2000
Godzilla -vs- The Shag Monster

Hello, all. I'm feeling a teeny bit better today. My tonsils still hurt and I feel generally crappy but I don't think I'm running much of fever anymore. I still just want to head home and get into bed, though.

Not too terribly much is going on. Nothing neat has happened to me, so I've hardly got a thing at all to talk about.

I made it halfway through my day at the office and then went home early yesterday afternoon. My mom in law was a terrific help, hanging out at the house and doing laundry for me, even though she didn't need to. I spent most of my afternoon lounging around in bed, which was not good because I had about 800 pounds of laundry to put away before I rushed off to work this morning.

I did a new column for today, if you want to check it out. Something I heard while listening to the radio and, even though I can't substantiate the facts yet, I trust my sources and I believe it's coming.

It's called
Godzilla -vs- The Shag Monster, and you can check it out if you want to.

I'll see you all on Monday. Keep the peace.



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