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February 17th, 2000

<cough cough>

Gawd, I feel so miserable. I am sure now that I have strep. I went home last night and straight to bed, like I said I would, and then went through two hours of the "feverish-shaking-need eight hundred blankets" chill. Then I was too hot, and my throat hurt.

Got up this morning and I have white spots all over my tonsils. I had some penicillin left over from strep a few months ago so I started taking that. I can't get to the doctor right now. My daughter is still sick, her grandma is taking her to the doctor today, and here I sit at work, feeling like crap. I either am very committed or I need to be committed. I should really just go home and go to bed, but if I can hold out for just four more hours, I'm outta here.


Thus, due to illness, I am begging off the journal today. Please, send me soup.



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