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February 16, 2000
A Rose by any other name....

So, I'm writing early today. Midafternoon so I don't forget about you. I feel absolutely hideous, flu no doubt, and all I really want to do is to go home and crawl into bed for the night. That's my plan, right now. No writing, just finish up the day and head for bed.

Went to the bank this morning on a donut tire. Yes, I had yet another flat. What is up with that? I have had more flats this last month than I actually have tires. You do the math.

My kids are sick. Well, two of them, anyway. Allison was running a fever last night and, of course, daycare won't take kids with a fever so I actually called in sick and was going to stay home. Then Sarah, my older one, woke up with a cough and a sore throat so she said she could take care of Allison for me. They're just minutes from my office and we stay on the phone. I wish I had stayed home, because I feel so crappy. Couldn't though, because we had an employee leave last week and we are already short and with me gone it would have been horrible. Hence, I am here. Ugh ugh ugh.

I even churned out a column today. More ughs here. Very last thing I felt like doing but I need to write some each and everyday. I sure didn't feel like it, though.

As a matter of fact, I feel like very little so you'll have to wish me good-bye, now. I really need to go home, pop some Tylenol and hit the sheets.

I did something new the other night. I have a friend who had twins over the weekend and he's having name dilemmas. I put a column together to help him out.

It's called,
A Rose by any other name.

See you Thursday....ugh.


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