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February 15th, 2000
The Beast of Yeast

Happy Tuesday. Well, not so happy. It's actually late Monday night and I just finished watching Ally McBeal so I am bawling like a moron here. If you didn't see it, too bad for you. It was wonderful.

So, it was an awesome weekend. I did a fair amount of shopping. Tons of groceries and got some awesome deals at Mervyns. I love Mervyns. They always have racks and racks of stuff marked down to 80% off. I bought a brand new, army green Nike warm-up jacket for my daughter. An $80.00 coat and I got it for $15.00. Now that's an awesome deal.

I've done a ton of writing these past few days and it's paying off. I had $3300.00 in my mailbox today. It still blows me away, really. It does make me push harder, though. I need to make this happen. It's all I've wanted to do my entire life.

I can now get totally caught up on my bills that we've fallen behind on during the last two months. That will be nice. I also went out and bought myself something today. It's not much and I actually bought it at a pawn shop. That's the best place to get jewelry at the cheapest prices. I paid $50.00 for it, which was 60% off. It's a small diamond ring, just a simple stone in a nice setting. I had wanted to use my very first check to buy something just for me, as a reminder of my success, but with times being hard like they were I, of course, had to be more sensible. Today I decided that I could afford to do it now, and I did. I can always look at my finger and remember that, even if I don't succeed forever, I succeeded now. That's a good thing to have.

I'm waiting for the hubby to get off the phone so I can send this entry off to Annie. I almost fell asleep when I remembered you. I was invited to write in another forum tonight and had to whip off a test sample, while I was simultaneously writing another column, and then my computer froze up -- stupid AOL -- and I lost 3/4 of what I had written. Had to start from scratch again. Lord, that exasperates me.

Well, I am off to bed. Third Watch is on and I want to watch it. Oh, I did write something new. Several of the writers in my writing group are now questioning my sanity as a result. You can question it, too. It's called
The Beast of Yeast. ()




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