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February 4th, 2000
The Labor for Love

Morning! Welcome to yet another day in your fun filled life.

I've been working hard today. Hours upon hours of doll stuff not to mention I did a 1200 word essay for a new magazine for expectant fathers. Egads, I have been a busy gal.

The home front is relatively quiet. Everyone is watch World Wide Wrestling, or whatever that is. WWF. Way, way fake. Way, way funny. Ugh. I cannot even begin to state how stupid I feel wrestling is. How any sane individual can buy even one iota of that horribly acted, sadly scripted crap is beyond me. I sat through fifteen minutes while eating my dinner and it soured my appetite.

I am as broke as broke can be! Yeehaw once more! Nothing like the eternal struggle to find gas for your car or milk for the kids. To top it off, I pre-did my taxes this afternoon and by April 15th I need to come up with about $1500.00. These jobs better start coming through fast and furious so I have the cash. Hopefully I'll get some kind of good salary set up for this Editor offer thing and I'll be able to cover it by then. Life is good.

I hate being broke. The doll folks sent me some more cash which quickly was absorbed by bills and health insurance which was in danger of lapsing. I'm going to have to be super creative over the next few weeks just to get by. My eleven year old broke her bra and has outgrown the others. She wants a new one this weekend. I think it might be easier to just utilize some duct tape.

Yahoo! My littlest one is already asleep. He was home with dad today so he didn't have a nap. That's always nice as he tanks out early and my evening is uninterrupted. In a half an hour a new episode of ER is on and I'm really looking forward to that.

Well, I'm off to revamp
my web page some. Feel free to read a column I wrote the other evening about the sorrows of my lost sex life.

Until Monday,


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