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January 27th, 2000
And furthermore

Hey! I almost forgot about you guys. I've been so busy writing all night that I just plum clean blew you off.

Here I am. No need to fret.

So, it's almost 8:30pm and I have another headache. Too much time online, no doubt.

I had my interview today. I don't think it went very well, not for a lack of trying on my part. The call came 45 minutes early, which took me by surprise, and she had a horrible connection with a lot of feedback that left me repeating myself several times over. The whole thing was supposed to take close to an hour, and it was about ten minutes in length, like she was in a
hurry to get somewhere. She mentioned that they were really trying to promote from within the company. I took that as a sign. Ah, well.

On the flip side, I had wanted to have both my jobs and run them concurrently, and this one would have required me to quit the other. No point in that since I make the same amount where I am now with TONS of personal freedom. I'm washing my hands of that issue and moving along.

Good news! I can, apparently, sell ice to an Eskimo! Remember the Amateur Chef magazine I told you was considering me? Well, they want me for sure. Here I am, unable to boil water without an eighty page instructional manual, and a cooking mag is interested. Hee hee hee. Glory. They are rushing me the proper documents to use two little sample pieces I sent them for their February issue. And, the topper, it's an actual PAPER MAGAZINE! That's right! No online E-zine but a real, made outta paper, paper kinda rag! I
could weep from joy! Oh, and the money isn't bad, either. Here's a snippet from the email I got from them this morning....

"I love your stuff. I've already sent your first submission about the fudge into the process of being sent out to you for an agreement. That should be reaching you quite soon. And if you're as fast with signing it as you were at sending me these submissions than I might be able to get it in the next
issue. I've attached our schedule. I loved your second piece but I have only one problem. Is ******** an actual brand name? If it is, I would like to, with your permission of
course, change it to something else to avoid any entanglements. Please write me as soon as you can on this article. I really liked it but we'd have to figure this out first before I send it through to be published. I also wanted to invite you to write longer articles."

Hee hee hee hee. How richly ironic. Me, who can't get macaroni out of a box, writing for a food magazine. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I got another email from my wacky buddies Peg and Marion. Yeehaw, they sound nuttier than ever. You can read that at
The RX Files on my web page along with my response, if you'd like. It's fairly amusing. Should I ever disappear while
collecting my mail someday, look for me at Peg and Mar's. I'm convinced that they may try to collect me as a specimen so they can look me over more closely without web interference.

My waterbed catastrophe is now at an end. All patched up and ready to rock. Well, not rock, really. Who has time for rocking with four kids in the house? And, since it was such an emotional adventure, I carried it over into
longer print.

I'll see you on Friday. Peace out.



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