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January 21, 2000

Well, looks like this new job for the hubby may not work out, after all. He's working on commission and they've had two whole jobs in the past two days! Wow, we are sure to be rich at this rate! And, in between work, they are asking their service guys to just knock on doors at random and drum up business. Nice way to get a shotgun blast to the face!

I've spent a great deal of my morning trying to get a comprehensive site tracker for my personal web page to work. I've gone from one to another with no success. Apparently, it has something to do with me using AOL Press, which I intend on keeping because it's so simple. So, other than my little AOL counter, no statistics for me. Just make sure that you yell "HI!" as you cruise on through. Yell loud because, if I'm in the bathroom, I may not hear you.

Interesting note. Watched an episode of Ripley's Believe It Or Not on my digital cable the other night. They were featuring The Lizard Boy. Let me explain. He's tattooed all over his body in scales and various designs, had ridges implanted surgically over his eyes to give him that sexy, amphibian look, AND -- are you ready for this? -- had his tongue bisected. He has a tongue like a lizard now, with two tips, and they move independently of each other. Just makes a girl think. Even if it is a Lizard Boy.

Dropped my littlest ones at daycare this morning and Nico promptly took off without a kiss or a hug for his Mom. So, as he settled in the playroom with his buddies, I stood there in the doorway.

"Nic? Pookie? Mommy loves you. Come kiss Mommy."

He ignored me so I tried again.

"Punkin? Mommy wants a smooch. Come give me a snuggle."

At this point he looked at me, rolled his eyes in a fashion reminiscent of my older kids and said,

"Mooooooooom. Stop it."

Well. How nice. Three years old and he's cutting the cord on his own. Apparently I am nothing but an embarrassment to the Huggie's crowd. I hope he can afford his new apartment because I'm setting him and his bathtub Ernie on the porch when I get home tonight. That'll show him.

Truthfully, as I wandered rejected to the door, he ran after me, flung himself around my legs and said, "Mom. I love you!"

On some days being a mom is okay.

See you Monday. I have an interview for an Associates Producer position with Oxygen Media next Tuesday and I've done squat as far as researching is concerned. If I don't knock off now and get my ass in gear, it'll be 45 minutes of open phone line. Doubt if that'll get me the job. It'd be nice though.


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