'Million Little Pieces' - A Million Little Lies?

When I read this article I assumed it was a mountain made from a molehill. I read A Million Little Pieces along with the rest of the world last year and never questioned too much, even as unbelievable as the story gets at times. Then I read the Smoking Gun's exposť, six pages disputing almost everything Frey writes about.

Police reports, court records, interviews with law enforcement personnel, and other sources have put the lie to many key sections of Frey's book. The 36-year-old author, these documents and interviews show, wholly fabricated or wildly embellished details of his purported criminal career, jail terms, and status as an outlaw "wanted in three states."

In additon to these rap sheet creations, Frey also invented a role for himself in a deadly train accident that cost the lives of two female high school students. In what may be his book's most crass flight from reality, Frey remarkably appropriates and manipulates details of the incident so he can falsely portray himself as the tragedy's third victim. It's a cynical and offensive ploy that has left one of the victims' parents bewildered. "As far as I know, he had nothing to do with the accident," said the mother of one of the dead girls. "I figured he was taking license...he's a writer, you know, they don't tell everything that's factual and true."

I wonder what Oprah will say -.A Million Little Lies - January 8, 2006

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