LOST Books

If you watch LOST ( if you missed season one, the DVD is recommended), you may have noticed a few books being shown as (maybe) clues to what is going on. The first one noticed was Sawyer reading Watership Down by Richard Adams. Later he is seen with Madeleine L'Engle's children's book A Wrinkle in Time.

So far in Season 2, we've seen two more book "clues". An orientation film explaining what the hatch is all about was stashed behind a copy of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw. When Desmond (the hatch resident) runs for his life (he thinks), a copy of The Third Policeman is shown on his bed.

The show writers have said; "Whoever goes out and buys the book will have a lot more ammunition in their back pocket as they theorize about the show. They will have a lot more to speculate about -- and, no small thing, they will have read a really great book."

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