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Old Posted 12.10.08, 1:01 AM in reply to dolphin711's post "SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8"
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Cheshire Cat
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Smile Tuesday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...............

On the beach on St. Lisa's island, Antonio walks closer to Sheridan, “Diana, I hate to see you so hopeful when there is no hope that your lover is out there.” Sheridan turns to look in his direction, “Look, I know it sounds crazy but I can feel it so strongly. He's out there and he's looking for me.”

Antonio asks, “How can you say that? How can you trust your feelings? Just recently you were telling me he was dead and now you are convinced he's alive.” Sheridan speaks so passionately, “Look, yes, I know I said it sounds crazy. I am sure he's alive now. He's so close and soon he'll find a clue that will lead him back to me.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis holds the book that Beth brought to him and asks, “Beth, where did this come from?” She replies, “From Sheridan.” Luis turns to Hank, “What did I tell you, Hank? I told you I was going to find a clue.” He is so excited that he will find Sheridan, “Maybe this is a message from Sheridan, maybe this will lead me to her.”

On the island, Antonio again says, “Diana, I am not trying to dash your hopes but I don't want to see you cling to false hope.” Sheridan says softly but adamantly, “I appreciate what you're trying to do but I know it is not false hope. I was with my love tonight. I know it.” She smiles as she remembers the reunion with Luis in the ocean.

She gazes out to sea as she smiles and whispers, “He's out there. I know he is.”

At the cottage, Luis smiles, “Come on, you guys, this is a good thing.” He turns to Beth, “You said Sheridan sent it, didn't you?” Beth replies, “Yes but -- Luis, she sent this before she ...” Luis interrupts her, “She's not dead.” Beth looks uneasy, “Anyway, that's why I brought it.” Holding the book, Luis says again, “I don't understand.” Beth tells him, “She wanted you to have this if anything happened to her.” Luis holds the book close and looks at it again before he asks, “Sheridan wanted you to give me this book if anything happened to her.” Beth agrees, “That's right. If you open it you will see that it is a complete diary and scrap book of your relationship.” As Luis stands in the middle of the room, he waves his hands, “We had our whole lives together. Didn't she think we were going to be together forever?” He seems quite confused as Beth tries to explain, “I know she wanted that, Luis. But she had a feeling that she wouldn't be okay. I know that she hoped she was wrong.” Hank jumps in with, “But it turned out to be true.” Luis flips through the pages of the big book until Beth explains further, “You know, she came to me a few days before you were supposed to get married and she wanted me to help her find a book binder. She said she felt kind of funny asking me, you know, you and I used to be together but I told her that I would help her, of course. Well, it's this beautiful book now.” Luis shakes his head in confusion, “I still don't understand.” Beth replies again, “I told you, she had a feeling. She made me promise to give this to you if anything ever happened to her. I don't know as if she -- she knew she wasn't going to live much longer.”

On the island, Antonio says, “Diana, don't get upset. Let me play devil's advocate here.” She turns to face him and quietly replies, “All right.” Antonio asks, “Let's just say that you're wrong. Let's say that he's not out there. Then what happens?” Sheridan is so excited and so adamant, “If he is out there and after everything that happened tonight, after all of the memories that I have had of living a life with him, he has to be. A love like that can't just be over. It can't be. Every time I have tried to give up on my love, something has happened. I either have some kind of vision or I get some kind of sign.” A rose drifts to the shore and Sheridan bends down to pick it up, “Just like the rose my love gave me. You see, Brian, this is a sign. He's out there, I know he is.” She smiles as she stands at the water's edge holding the long stemmed red rose (a symbol of the love shared by Sheridan and Luis.) plucked from the sea.

Still looking through the pages of the scrapbook, Luis asks, “Sheridan made this book because she thought she was going to die?” Beth sighs, “I don't know that for sure. All I know for sure is that she made me promise to give this to you if something happened to her.” Standing behind her, Hank comments, “It sounds like she had one of those premonitions.” Beth replies, “Maybe. Anyway, the book just came from the book binder so I am keeping my promise, Luis.” Luis tells her, “She can't be dead. I was with her tonight. I held her in my arms.” Hank asks, “Luis, don't you think that if she was out there that she would have found a way back to you by now.” Luis insists, “Hank, she has. That is what tonight's all about.” Beth looks from Hank to Luis as she asks, “What happened tonight? I mean, what are you two talking about?” Luis replies, “I was in the Crane pool and all of a sudden Sheridan was there. She was in the pool with me. Then we were in the ocean. I'm telling you, she was as alive as you or I.” Beth is skeptical, “Wait a minute. You're telling me you actually held Sheridan in your arms first in the pool and then in the ocean.” Luis replies, “That's what happened.” Hank speaks up, “You know how crazy that sounds, don't you, Luis?” Luis raises his voice and walks around the room as he speaks, “I know. Look, I know that you two must think that my imagination is working overtime. But Sheridan...” He pulls his handcuffs off his belt, “How come I was able to put the handcuffs on her wrist? When I put them on her wrist, they closed. Now if she wasn't there, they wouldn't have locked.” Hank asks, “Where is she now?” Luis says softly, “I can't explain it. She was there, she faded. She was there. She disappeared.” Beth agrees with Hank, “Luis, it is pretty hard to believe, you know.” Luis tries to explain, “Yeah, I know. This is the damndest thing that has ever happened but I'm telling you it is how it happened.” Looking at a page in the book, Hank asks, “Titanic. Was that a special movie for the two of you?” Luis takes the book back from Hank before he replies, “No. We liked it but it wasn't special for us. It was another reason why that ad is in the book.” Beth asks, “What is the reason?” Standing in the middle of the room, Luis seems reluctant to tell them, “When Sheridan was a little girl she had a fortune teller at one of her birthday parties and the fortune teller told her she would be with...well, with me and that we had a past together.” Hank asks, “What do you mean a past?” Luis shrugs, “That we had previous lives together. Including one on the Titanic.” Beth asks, “So you and Sheridan were on the Titanic together?” Luis gives a low laugh, “Hey, that's what the fortune teller told Sheridan.” Hank chides, “Come on, Luis. I can't believe you bought into it.” Luis takes a seat on the couch and smiles remembering, “No, Sheridan believed it. You know, supposable we had quite a love affair aboard the Titanic. Sheridan told the story with such passion that actually remembered being there.” Luis has a flashback of dancing with Sheridan aboard the Titanic.

Standing in the cottage living room, Hank makes the comment, “According to Sheridan, the fortune teller said you two had been lovers in past lives.” Sitting on the couch and looking so sad, Luis replies, “That's what Sheridan said. She said that our love had reached over time but we would never find happiness, something would always keep us apart. We would always come up against these unbelievable obstacles.” Beth asks, “You mean like now?” Luis says in that husky voice, "Yeah. Like now.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for some of the screen caps.
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Bare Necessities
Old Posted 12.11.08, 1:28 AM in reply to dolphin711's post "SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8"
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Cheshire Cat
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Smile Wednesday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

On the beach on St. Lisa's island, Antonio tries to convince Sheridan that what she experienced tonight was not real, “Diana, I know you shared a deep love with someone from your past, a love so strong that, even though you have amnesia, you still remember his face.” Holding the long stemmed red rose, Sheridan smiles, “Yes.” Antonio continues, “But you don't remember his name, his identity.” Sheridan frowns, “No.” Antonio continues, “And I also know that your memory is conflicted. I mean, earlier you were saying that he was dead, and now all of a sudden you think he's alive.” She turns toward him, “Because of what happened tonight. Because of what I experienced.” Antonio corrects her, “Because you “think” that you were with him.” Sheridan adamantly replies, “I KNOW I was with him. He held me in his arms. I could feel his heartbeat!” Antonio says, “I'm sorry, I just don't see how that could happen if he's dead.” Sheridan raises her voice, “Look, I don't understand it, either. All I know is that I was with my love. And now I'm hoping that soon -- very soon -- we will reunite. Our love is pulling us back towards each other again. I can feel it.” She looks longingly out to sea.

At Sheridan's cottage in Harmony, Beth sits on the arm of a chair, “So this fortuneteller -- the one at Sheridan's birthday party -- that must have been a lot for a little girl to handle.” Luis replies, “Yeah. The fortuneteller told her that she would never be happy -- she would find the man she loves but never find happiness with him.” Beth nods, “That's just what happened. You and Sheridan were supposed to get married, and then you were just torn apart.”

On the island, Antonio is skeptical, “So, tell me again about tonight. Tell me how you were with your lover.” Sheridan replies, “I was in his arms. First we were in the ocean. Then we were in some sort of pool. There were lights. Strange lights.” Antonio says, “Yeah. Yeah, we saw those, too. Doc said it was the power of the Bermuda triangle and that the power of the triangle was so strong, that's what brought your dead lover back from beyond the grave and that's why you disappeared.” Taking that all in, Sheridan mumbles, “The triangle.” Antonio adds, “And he said that it pulled you two together, and because you were together, we thought you were dead, too.” Sheridan laughs, “Dead? No, we were very much alive.” Antonio shrugs, “Well, I've been around these islands for quite some time now, and I've heard a lot of strange stories that can be attributed to the triangle. But Doc -- he buys into that stuff. I don't.” Sheridan looks like she is deep in thought, “Triangle. Maybe that explains what happened before.” Antonio asks, “What are you talking about, before?” Looking at the rose, Sheridan replies, “I've had other visions of my love. They weren't like what happened tonight. They -- they weren't real. They were strange. They were -- no. You'll think I'm crazy.” Antonio quickly assures her, “No, I won't. Why don't you tell me?” Sheridan looks at the rose and continues, “Well, there were these visions -- dreams. They were actually like snapshots of past lives with my love.” Antonio prods, “Past lives?” Sheridan averts her eyes, “See? I knew you'd think I was crazy.” Antonio says, “No -- listen, I know you told me about dreams that you had about being on the Titanic with somebody...”

Sheridan enthusiastically replies, “No, but it was more that. I mean, it's almost like he and I have shared this love that has been flourishing throughout time.” Standing facing her, Antonio says, “I know a lot has happened to you tonight, Diana. But can you really accept any of this as reality? I mean, what if you say those things out loud -- that you were with your dead lover, that maybe you were in another time, another place, that you were with your dead lover in another lifetime? Now, none of that sounds real, now, does it?” Sheridan quietly replies, “Well, not when you list them like that, no.” He tries to convince her that she is wrong, “So, then, if it doesn't sound right, maybe it isn't. Maybe it's just your mind playing tricks on you.”

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis sits on the couch next to Beth, looking through the book of photos and memories, “Hmm. That was the first time that Sheridan and I swam in the Crane pool. We always laughed about how funny it would be if Julian found a Lopez-Fitzgerald in there.” Sitting on the arm of the chair, Hank comments, “It's kind of strange, don't you think, Luis?” Luis looks up at him and asks, “What's strange?” Hank replies, “All the memories that you're talking about, the things that you and Sheridan did together -- they are the same things that you were doing tonight when you thought Sheridan was with you.” Luis looks at some pictures, “Swimming. Dancing.”

Hank explains, “I mean, don't you think it's just possible that maybe you were just trying to relive some of those happy moments? It was your grief or -- or your mind playing tricks on you. You were trying to recapture some of those good times.”

On the beach, Sheridan admits sadly, “I suppose that my mind could be playing tricks on me.” With his arms folded, Antonio says, “Good. That's all I wanted to hear. But now there's something that I want to tell you, something that you may not want to hear. If I don't say it, I'm going to be regretting it for the rest of my life.” Sheridan looks toward him questioningly.

At the cottage, Hank holds the book that Sheridan made, “I think Sheridan was trying to tell you something with this scrapbook.” He flips through a few more pages of the book until he sees the letter that she wrote to Luis, “Now I'm sure she was. Look at this -- a copy of Sheridan's letter, the one to her attorney, to be delivered to you in case she died.” Luis has a flashback of receiving the letter and telling Pilar that Sheridan wants him to move on, just find someone else. Hank sympathetically says, “I know this must be tough for you to look at.” Beth turns to Luis and says, “Listen, Luis, I hate to go, but I got to get back to the cafe. Ok?” Hank stops her, “Wait. We'll come with you. Luis needs to get out of here, clear his head.” He looks at Luis who is very quiet, then says, “How about we let you buy us a cup of coffee -- how's that?” Hank grins and Beth stands at the door, “You are on.” As all three put on their coats, Hank tells a very quiet Luis, “On the way over, I want you to think about that scrapbook. Why did Sheridan put that letter at the end of it? What was she trying to tell you? And what would she want you to do if she was still alive today?”

At the Book Cafe, Hank brings Luis a cup of coffee, “There you go.” Seated at one of the tables looking through the scrapbook, Luis tries to express his feelings, “The letter... I ...” Hank interrupts him, “Let's talk about that, Luis, and what Sheridan meant by this letter. I figure she put together this wonderful scrapbook for you because she wanted you to get on with your life. It's time, Buddy.” Luis continues to look at pictures of Sheridan and himself.

Standing on the beach, Antonio says, “I don't want it to seem like I'm not here for you, Diana, because I am. But I am not about to stand by and just watch you hurt yourself.” Sheridan looks confused, “Brian, what are you talking about?” He replies, “I'm going to put this as simply as possible. It's time for you to move on. That's what your lover would've wanted. So just move on, Diana.” Sheridan stares at him in shock.

(Seems as if both Hank and Antonio were trying way too hard to get Luis and Sheridan, respectively, to move on...mostly for selfish reasons. They were mean and too hard on both of those people they were supposed to care about.)

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for some of the screen caps.
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Old Posted 12.11.08, 11:50 PM in reply to dolphin711's post "SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8"
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Cheshire Cat
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Smile Thursday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

In the cave where Kay and company are holding Charity in a block of ice, Zombie Charity plans to kill Tabitha and Timmy. Tabby has come up with a way to stall Zombie, if not get them off the hook all together. As Zombie raises her hands to zap T & T, Tabitha shouts, “Wait a minute, Zombie. How can you cause chaos in Harmony if you don't know the history of the town and its people?” As Zombie holds up her copy of Hidden Passions, she says, “All right. I already told you I read your book. And the paperback has lots of new information like love letters and other interesting tidbits not previously included in the hard back version.” (LOL! They certainly knew how to advertise for themselves!) Tabby asks, “Love letters, how did love letters get into the paperback. Timmy?” Timmy explains, “The publisher called Timmy and wanted more information -- what was Timmy suppose to do?” He throws up his hands! Tabby asks, “Will you ever learn?” Zombie Charity says, “Actually, Timmy, I am very thankful to you for getting all of the information that I need.” Tabby looks back at Zombie, “Well, you may have read Hidden Passions but that doesn't mean that you know everything there is to know about the people of Harmony. You might be able to destroy Charity and Miguel but what about Luis and Sheridan?” Zombie snaps, “Old. Sheridan is on some island near Bermuda, can't remember a damn thing about herself. Luis is still clinging to the idea he is going to find her. And Luis’s brother, he's on the island with Sheridan falling madly in love with her.” Tabby smiles, “But that's the story in this lifetime. You will never be able to destroy their love if you don't know the whole story. You need to know how strong their love is and what you'll be up against if you want to cause them pain, you need to know about their past.” Zombie rolls her eyes, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That stuff about them on the Titanic.” Tabby replies, “No. When they were lovers in ancient Egypt.”

Walking around Tabby, Zombie asks, “So, you mean to tell me that Sheridan and Luis had a past live in ancient Egypt?” Tabitha replies, “Sorry, their love is stretched across the centuries and I, Tabitha, have stopped it every time.” Zombie chides, “But they kept finding each other in other lifetimes.” Tabby replies, “Happiness? Every time they found each other I have torn them apart.” Zombie asks, “How?” Tabby acts nonchalant, “No, you will never know now, will you since you are going to kill me.” Zombie puts her finger on her lips in thought, “Well, maybe I’ll give you a break this one time. You tell me how you kept Luis and Sheridan apart in ancient Egypt.”

Conjuring up a big rock, Zombie Charity takes a seat, “So, tell me how you did it.” Tabitha asks, “How I did what?” Zombie charity frowns, “Don't you play games with me, Tabby. You said you'd tell me how you split apart Luis and Sheridan when they were lovers in ancient Egypt.” Tabitha smiles, “Oh, yes, so I did. All right, if you really want to learn something.” ZC says that she does so Tabby continues, “Well, actually, it was Antony and Cleopatra back then. Their love was so strong, so powerful, they could have ruled the world. Of course, I had to do something about it. I had to stop them. So ...” She begins to tell the story of Luis and Sheridan as Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Tabby was then known as Tabithia and Timmy as Timihious.

Tabithia is on her way to Cleopatra's chambers with the snake in a big basket when she stops to talk to Timithious, “Soldier Timithious, has Marc Antony arrived yet?” Timithious says no. Tabithia replies, “Good. I want you to delay him coming into the queen's chambers.” Timithious asks, “Why?” Tabithia demands, “Just do as I say, Timithious. Now, go.” He waits for Antony who arrives almost immediately. Timithious stops Antony before he can reach the queen's chambers, “My general, may Timithious have a word with you?” Marc Antony turns to look at Timithious, “Yes, but make it quick. I'm on my way to see my love, Cleopatra. Timithious, your queen means the world to me.” Timithious says to himself, “What is Tabithia up to now?”

In her chambers, Cleopatra smiles, “I cannot wait for Marc Antony to arrive.” She glides around the room. Tabithia sighs, “So you keep saying, your Magnificence.” Cleopatra gushes, “He and I have a plan that will keep us together forever.” She laughs, then sighs as she take her seat. Tabithia opens the basket that she brought with her showing the snake inside, “I have a plan of my own, Cleopatra dear. The next time Marcus Antonius lays eyes on you, you'll be dead.”

In the cave, Tabitha continues to tell Zombie Charity the story of Sheridan and Luis in ancient Egypt, “The noblest Roman of them all, once or twice removed, was coming. So I had to get the queen of the Nile all snazzed up.” Modeling her new robe and headdress, Cleopatra asks, “Oh, Tabithia, how do I look?” Tabithia replies, “Like a goddess, Exalted One.” Cleopatra pretends to be angry, “I don't want that. I want to look mortal, desirable!” Tabithia assures her, “There's not a man alive who could resist your sensuality.” Cleopatra smiles, “It must be so. Soon Lord Antony and I will truly be free to love one another.”

Tabithia asks, “How can that be, Majesty?” Cleopatra confides, “Well, since you are my most trusted servant, I'll let you in on my little secret. I'm going to renounce the throne -- just give it up. Antony and I are going away, just the two of us.” Tabithia asks astonished, “Just the two of you?” Cleopatra laughs, “Well, and a few hundred servants or so, and, of course, Antony will need his army, and the fleet, and the barge and my crew. Aside from that, it will just be the two of us.” There is a loud noise beyond the door causing Cleopatra to look around, “Could that be he? Oh, my Lord Antony. And here I am, still unprepared. You must keep him at bay until I'm ready, Tabithia.” Tabithia repeats, “At bay. At bay. Yes, your Divinity.”

In the entry courtyard, Timithious sits with Marc Antony on a low wall. Antony confides, “Well, what I feel for this woman, this goddess in human form, goes beyond love, Centurion.” Timithious replies, “Timithious is heartened to hear it, Marc Antony.” Marc Antony nods, “Hmm. And the sacrifice that she's willing to make -- to give up her throne ...” Timithious agrees with Antony, “Timithious thinks it must be as you say -- beyond what mortals think of as love.”

As Tabithia enters the entry area to stall him, Marc Antony asks, “Hmm. And here is her handmaiden. Where is the mistress? Where is my Cleopatra?” Tabithia replies, “Soon, my Lord. She has not readied herself as yet. She longs to join you. She begs your patience. Should not be more than a few grains of sand before she's in your arms.” Marc Antony looks back at her, “Well, I'm an impatient man, but she is worth the wait.” He smiles slightly. Back inside Cleopatra's chambers, Tabithia says to herself, “You will never see her alive again, Marcus Antonius.”

In the cave, Zombie Charity asks, “So, what happened next?” Tabitha continues, “Listen and learn, my zombie friend.” In ancient Egypt, Marc Antony continues to sit and talk with Timithious, “Yes, life is empty without true love. But I trust that one day you will find yours.” Timithious looks across the courtyard at a smiling, dark-haired Charity and confides, “Timithious thinks he already has.” Marc Antony looks back to see the girl and laughs, “Could it be that someone's already captured your heart? She is a beauty, no doubt.” Timithious replies, “Timithious loves her so much. Perhaps one day he'll summon up the courage to ask for her hand.” Marc Antony replies, “Of course he will. A braver man I've never served in battle with. That maid will be yours one day, mark my word. What is keeping my true love?” He stands and walks toward Cleopatra's door. Staying behind, Timithious whispers, “Tabithia, please don't break up their great love. Please.”

In Cleopatra's chambers, Tabithia lifts the lid on the giant basket that contains the snake and says to herself, “How to time it so this bloody snake can sink its fangs into her Queen ship. That is the question.” Tabby and the cobra have an argument about how and when to strike the Queen. They argue back and forth until Tabithia closes the lid of the basket on the cobra and carries it over to stand next to Cleopatra. She asks, “Would your Magnificence care for a fig? They're very sweet, from the oasis at Giza.” Cleopatra stands and walks across the room, “Oh, Giza. Oh, yes. It was at Giza that I decided to give up the throne. That way Antony and I can live a life without conflict. Nothing in this world should ever get in the way of our love.” Tabithia follows Cleopatra with the basket, “Would my lady care for a honeyed drink to wash down her fig?” Cleopatra reaches into the basket and picks up a fig (no snake bite), “Oh, no. The fig will suffice. Oh. Mmm. Delicious. Thank you.” Tabithia talks to the snake, “I don't believe it. What happened? Why didn't you strike?” Cobra replies, “I can't just turn it off and on, you know. I have to feel it. I have to be in the moment. It has to be organic.” Tabithia picks up the snake and calls to Cleopatra, “Oh, sublime one?” Cleopatra gasps as she sees the cobra in Tabithia's hands. As Tabithia slaps the snake onto her neck, Cleopatra screams. Tabithia tells her, “It'll only hurt for a little while, Cleopatra.” Grasping her chest, Cleopatra asks, “Tabithia, why?” She falls to the floor gasping for breath. Tabithia replies, “Why? Because I can't let love flourish. I had to destroy your love. And the truth is you'll never find happiness -- not in this life or in any other. Tragedy will follow you always.”

Zombie Charity paces in the cave, “So that's it? You just jammed the cobra into her yourself? That's how you killed Sheridan -- or Cleopatra?” Tabitha tells her confidently, “You haven't heard the whole story yet. With these powerful lovers, there are always twists and turns. And it's how one handles one's self when a twist pops up that determines one's success. You have to react, think fast, and I've always been very good at that. Which is why, when it comes to spreading pain across the centuries, I've been a howling success.” She continues the story of ancient Egypt. Tabithia holds the snake and leans over Cleopatra on the floor, “R.I.P.” As he nears Cleopatra's chambers, Marc Antony calls out, “My patience is thinning, dear heart. I'm coming to claim you. It's time we were off. Our chariot awaits.” He enters the chamber, sees Cleopatra on the floor and rushes to her side. He caresses her cheek as he whispers, “My dearest heart. My dearest heart, what has befallen you?” In the cave Tabitha tells Charity, “I'm about to give you a stellar example of thinking on one's feet, thus being able to cause more pain than I had a right to cause. But to continue my story -- I hardly had time to savor Antony's pain before I had to start thinking fast.” Trying to revive her, Marc Antony whispers, “Cleopatra? Cleopatra, what befell you?” Cleopatra whispers to her true love, “It matters not. I'm dying. But before I shed these earthly bones, you must know how deeply I love you, will always love you throughout eternity.” Cleopatra gasps. Marc Antony pleads, “No, no. Cleopatra, don't leave me.” She coughs as he laments, “I can't go on without you.” Cleopatra says softly, lovingly, “You must. You must make a new life, find a new love.” Marc Antony insists, “No. There is only one love for me. Cleopatra, you are my only love.” Cleopatra whispers, “Good-bye, my darling. Good-bye.” She breathes her last breath. Kneeling next to her, Marc Antony cries, “No. Cleopatra, no! What is this?” He sees the snake fang marks on her chest. He jumps to his feet and faces Tabithia.

In the cave Tabby frowns as she remembers, “When I saw the look on his face and that wicked sword...” In ancient Egypt, Marc Antony stands in front of her with his sword drawn. He shouts as he cuts off the head of the snake. Marc Antony picks up the snake and throws it out of the chamber before standing in front of Tabithia to ask, “Tabithia, loyal servant, how did this happen?” Tabithia cries, “Oh. Woe is me, Lord Antony. I tried -- I tried to tell my mistress, to stop her, but she was determined to take her own life.” Marc Antony is shocked by that lie. Tabithia adds, “Oh, yes. She wanted to tell you, Illustrious One. Cleopatra loved you. But -- but to give up her throne -- it was too much.” He comments, “But I thought that's what we both wanted. Oh, God. What have I done?” He walks back to Cleopatra's side. After a while, he stands and pulls out his sword again, “I cannot go on. I cannot live without you.” Timithious yells, “No! Don't kill yourself, Marc Antony!” Antony stabs himself with his sword as Tabithia comments, “Too late.” As the story ends, Zombie Charity claps, “Telling Antony that Cleopatra committed suicide was pure genius, Tabitha.” Tabitha smiles, “One of my finer moments.”

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Central for the Shuis (Antony and Cleopatra) screen caps.
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Old Posted 12.17.08, 1:41 AM in reply to dolphin711's post "SHUIS Picture of the Day: Part 8"
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Cheshire Cat
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Smile Tuesday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

Sitting at a table in the Book Cafe, Hank says, “Luis, Sheridan’s dead. She’s not coming back. You are going to have to move on. Find love again. If you won’t listen to me, read Sheridan’s letter again. She tells you herself what she wants you to do.” Still looking through the book of pictures and memories of Sheridan and himself, Luis smiles, “It would be different if she was dead, Hank, she’s alive. I saw her tonight in the ocean, in the cottage, at the gazebo. I held her in my arms and we talked, we kissed. Hank, it was a miracle.” Hank takes a sip of his coffee and insists, “It was your imagination. It didn’t happen. Luis, you want Sheridan back so much that you even had Theresa and I going there for a minute thinking we had seen you in the Crane swimming pool with her. It was in your mind. Your grief is playing tricks on you, making you think all kinds of crazy stuff.” Luis keeps shaking his head while Hank talks, then he replies, “As God is my witness, it happened, Hank.” Hank tries again to convince Luis that he is imagining everything, “Luis, you're a cop. Your life is not based on dreams and fantasies. It’s based on facts, cold hard realities and you are going to have to face yours before it’s too late. I got to go. I'll check in on you later.” Hank gets up from the table and leaves Luis alone. As he passes Beth, she tells him, “I'll keep an eye on him.” Hank thanks her and leaves the Book Cafe. At his table as he continues to look at the many pictures of Sheridan, Luis sighs, “ I don't think I am ever going to get over you, Sheridan.”

Sitting on the beach in St. Lisa's, Sheridan looks across the rocks and says, “Brian, isn’t it late to be working?” She walks over to where he is working on repairing a fish net, as he replies, “Might as well, I couldn’t sleep if I tried.” She asks, “What has you so upset?” Antonio stands, “I’m worried about you, Diana.” Sheridan asks, “About what you said to me earlier? Why did you say it? Why did you tell me to just forget about the man I love and move on?” He says, “Because you need to for your own good.” Sheridan shouts, “Well, I can’t. Don’t you get it? This man is my soul mate. He’s the love of my life. I just can’t move on, I can’t.” She begins to cry so he hugs her as she cries on his shoulder.

Hank arrives at the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard just as Pilar arrives with her arms full of grocery bags. Hank hurries to take some of the bags, “Let me help you get those inside. There.” Pilar thanks him. He says, “You shouldn’t be out alone at this time of the night. Whoever killed Julian Crane is still out on the loose.” Pilar replies, “I’m not afraid but I appreciate your help. It’s been a long day.” Hank says, “Tell me about it.” Pilar looks at him and asks, “What’s wrong?” Hank replies, “Nothing. Everything’s fine.” Pilar scolds, “Hank Bennett, I have known you since you were a boy, you are like one of my sons. I know when something is bothering you.” Hank corrects, “Someone.” Pilar asks, “It’s Luis, isn’t it?” Hank nods, “I don’t mean to upset you Pilar but I’m worried about him. Luis won’t let go of Sheridan. He’s convinced that she’s going to come back to him.” Pilar sighs, “I know. I know how much he misses her. He was so upset at the mansion earlier.” Hank tells her, “It’s more than that. He’s actually started to see visions of Sheridan.” Pilar asks concerned, “What?” Hank informs her, “He thinks he was with her tonight, several times, in fact. He is so adamant about it that he had Theresa and me convinced... almost.” Pilar shakes her head in disbelief, “Oh, dear God. I’m afraid it’s partly my fault. I encourage Luis to have hope, faith, that a miracle would bring Sheridan back to him and maybe I was wrong to suggest to pray for the impossible. Hank, ever since that phone call when Luis heard Sheridan and I heard Antonio, I just was so sure that my oldest son was coming home for Christmas. If God could bring Antonio back to me he could bring Sheridan back to Luis. And Antonio didn’t come home and neither did Sheridan and now Luis are and I are both hurting.” Hank sympathizes, “Sorry, Pilar.” Pilar prays, “God forgive me for trying to help my son. Maybe I should have never suggested that Sheridan would come back to him.”

At the Book Cafe, Beth arrives at Luis' table with more coffee, Luis looks up and says, “Thanks for the coffee and the book.” Beth takes a seat across from Luis, “You know, I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. I was just afraid it would add to your grief, you know, open old wounds which it has. I’m sorry, Luis, I really am.” Luis replies, “No, you did the right thing. This is what Sheridan wanted. I’m so honored to have it. This was hard, you know. Everyone is saying, 'Hey, Luis, move on, just let it go.' I can’t. Since I still have this hope that Sheridan’s going to come back to me.” He whispers, “Sometimes she feels so close like tonight. You know, I could have sworn that she and I were together. She was just as real as you or I and then Sheridan left me. I tried so hard to hold on to her. She left me I don’t even know what to think anymore. My head tells me one thing and my heart tells me another.” Luis sadly exhales. Beth says, “I wish there was something I could do.” Luis says, “Hey, I better go. It’s late. Thanks.” He gathers his things and puts his coat on as Beth watches. She wants to say something to him but only says, “Take care of yourself, okay.” He says he will. Beth adds, “It’s cold out there and you always forget to button up.” She begins to button his coat prompting Luis to say, “You always take care of me. Thanks. I'll see ya.” Beth says bye as she watches him leave.

On the island, Sheridan asks again, “Why did you tell me to forget about the man I love?” Antonio replies, “Because I love you. And I can’t stand to see you live with this kind of pain.” Sheridan says softly, “I can’t help the way I feel.” He replies, “Neither can I.” She begins, “Brian...” She turns away from him. He walks up behind her, “Diana, just hear me out. I know you feel like you and the man you loved had past lives together, that you were on the Titanic with each other and tonight you felt like you were reunited with him.” Sheridan turns to face him and says adamantly, “I was. I’m sure of it.” Antonio admits, “I admit that it did look like you were talking to someone in the ocean earlier and that I did have to struggle when I was pulling you back to shore because it felt like someone was holding on to you and didn’t want to let you go.” Sheridan smiles with excitement, “Because it was him. Don’t you see? He was holding on to me. The man I love wanted to keep me with him. It proves we it was real. The two of us were together not just once but several times, I mean, he held me in his arms. We talked. We kissed. That’s why I can’t let go, the connection is just too strong.” She smells her rose, “I know that it seems impossible but somehow our love has transcended through time and space to reunite us.” Antonio says, “I can’t deny that there were some really strange things happened tonight. The man you love is not coming back.” Sheridan says so sadly, “Don’t say that.” He tells her, “I don’t want to. Listen, Diana, I feel for you and I feel for the pain you suffered but he’s not coming back. I don’t think he’s going to come back ever.” She bursts into tears again.

As her crying lessens, Antonio tells her once again, “Holding onto memories of him and not being able to move on with your life, it’s keeping you from having that happiness that you deserve. If I was your lover I would search to the ends of the earth to find you but you have been here on this island for months. So it doesn’t look like he’s coming back for you.” Sheridan cries, “How can you say that after what happened tonight?” He replies, “I say that, I mean, I am talking about in a permanent physical sense.” Sheridan cries and stares out to sea as he continues, “I don’t think that he’s on this earth anymore or in this world. When I say that, I mean, I’m sorry. I don’t think he’s coming back. I don’t think that he can come back.”

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Hank talks with Pilar, “Luis needs to move on with his life. He can’t keep waiting for something that can’t happen. Sheridan is gone and it doesn’t mean he has to be alone.” Pilar interjects, “Beth?” Hank nods, “She still loves him, she always has.” Pilar adds, “A good girl, devoted to her frail mother and to God.” Hank adds, “She would like to rekindle the relationship they once had. I know that she hopes it works out this time.” Pilar nods, “You know, I always thought that Luis would marry Beth but he came to believe it was his responsibility to take care of the family. He put our well being ahead of his happiness. He told Beth that he felt it was wrong for them to get married when our family was in such dire straights. Poor Beth was broken hearted but she never stopped loving him because she knew he had done the right thing. No, Beth wouldn’t push him.” Hank says, “She loves him too much for that. I’m just saying that Luis has a chance at love again. He’s going to let it pass him by because of this fantasy that Sheridan is going to come back to him.” I really do believe that there was hope, that miracles happen especially at Christmas. But Antonio didn’t come home. I guess Sheridan must not be coming back either.” Hank prompts her, “Tell that to Luis. He'll listen if you tell him.” Coming through the back door, Luis asks, “Tell me what?”

Standing just inside the kitchen door, Luis asks again, “What is it that you want to tell me?” Hank picks up his coat and says, “ I'll leave so you can talk in private.” He walks out the door. Luis looks at Pilar, “It’s about Sheridan, isn’t it? About me believing that she’s coming back.” Pilar replies, “Yes, it is. I think it’s time that you accept the truth, that Sheridan is gone.” Luis looks at her oddly, “You were the one that kept encouraging me to believe in miracles. You are the one that said never give up hope that she was coming back.” Pilar replies, “I know. I’m sorry. I realize now that it was wrong to tell you that.” Luis asks, “Why? You have faith, you believe in miracles.” Pilar tells him, “Still, I realize that I gave you false hope, Luis, and you're hurting because of it, unable to move on with your life.” Luis turns around and wonders, “So where is this coming from? What made you change your mind?” She replies, “I have my reasons.” Luis demands to know, “What reasons?” Pilar tries to convince him, “Luis, there comes a time when you just need to let go and that time has come for you now.” Luis states emphatically, “Mama, Sheridan came back to me.” Pilar yells, “Luis! Luis, I don’t want to see you living your life in limbo letting your life pass you by as I have for more years than I care to remember. I held on to the hope that your father would come home one day and he hasn’t. Maybe I was wrong to wait for him. Maybe it was a mistake for me not to have remarried.” Luis is surprised, “Mama.” She says, “No, Luis, maybe if I had remarried you wouldn’t have felt responsible t, o take care of this family, you would have married Beth and had a family of your own.” Luis replies, “Then I would never have fallen in love with Sheridan. We were meant to be together. She is the love of my life.” Facing Luis, Pilar says softly, “I know but Sheridan’s gone. She’s not coming back.”

Antonio stands behind Sheridan and tells her again, “I don’t mean to be blunt, Diana, but you need to make a decision. Either you put the man you love and his memory to rest or keep on hoping for the impossible to happen. It is killing me to think that one day you might realize that your whole life has past you by, all of the happiness you could have had. I love you and you know that. I owe Liz money and I got offered a job on a fishing boat and if I take it then I’m going to have to be out at sea for six months.” Sheridan turns and looks up at him, “Six months?” He nods, “I need this job but I'll turn it down to stay here with you if you're willing to put this man that you love behind you.” She asks, “You would do that for me?” He lays it on a little thicker, “I can’t bear to watch you torture yourself like this.” She looks away as she is stunned. Antonio walks closer and takes her hand, “Diana, you know I love you. I’m willing not to take this job just to stay here and help you get through this.” (I am not sure why he felt the need to threaten her or even to tell her all of this. Yuck!!!) Sheridan softly says, “I can’t believe you would do that for me.” He tells her, “Whatever you want, whatever it takes. I mean, even if you were to find another man that you would fall in love with, it would be okay with me. I just want you to be happy.” (What a liar that man is!!!) He walks away but comes back to stand behind Sheridan to deliver his threat, “But you have to commit to making a decision to let this man go, put the memory of him behind you. That’s what he would want, Diana. He would want you to be happy, to live your life to the fullest. You know I love you and I want to be with you more than anything else in this world. For now, for me, I just can’t bear to watch you torture yourself anymore.” He walks a few feet away to let her think over his proposal/threat.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Pilar continues, “I have known Sheridan since she was a child. I know that she wouldn’t want you to be torturing yourself this way. She would want you to move on with your life and find love again. It would break her heart to know that her death has stopped you from moving on with your life.” Luis insists, “I don’t think that Sheridan’s dead. I think she’s alive and she’s out there somewhere.” Pilar stops and says, “All right. Then, if you really believe she came to you, then go to her. Talk to her about the confusion and the pain that you're feeling.” Luis frowns in confusion, “How am I supposed to go to her because I don’t know where she is.” Pilar wisely says, “You and Sheridan had a spiritual bond. You were soul mates in the truest sense. Try to reach her, Luis. Ask her what she wants you to do. But, Mijo, let your heart be open to her answer, my Son. Let your heart be open to the truth.” She reaches up and caresses his cheek. Luis smiles at her.

Pilar enters her bedroom, looks at a picture of Antonio and says, “My young, beautiful son, Antonio. I should take the same advice that I gave Luis about Sheridan, just move on with my life.” Seeing something on the floor, she bends to pick it up. As she holds up a medal, she gasps, “Our lady of Guadalupe. The same one that Antonio always wore. Antonio was here, he was here for Christmas after all. If he was here then maybe -- then maybe Sheridan was really with Luis.” She looks at the medal in awe.

To be continued...

Thanks to Passions Talk for storing these gorgeous NBC promo shots of Shuis as Antony and Cleopatra. Galen and McKenzie made such a beautiful couple, even as Marc Antony and Cleopatra! They are stunning in these pics!

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Smile Thursday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

Sitting on the beach on the island and watching Sheridan a few feet away, Antonio says, “I love you, Diana, I can’t stand to see you hurting like this.” Looking out to sea, Sheri dan cries, “What am I going to do? I still love you, I still feel connected to you. I can’t shake this feeling in my heart that we were together tonight. I wish you could be here with me right now. Maybe Brian is right, maybe you really are gone. I can’t stop feeling though that somehow, some way, there is a chance that you will actually come back to me. I just can’t imagine living without you. Going on without you, what should I do? What would you want me to do?”

Standing in his backyard and looking up to the heavens, Luis talks to the love of his life, “Sheridan, I hope you can hear me. Somehow if this finds its way to you, I love you so much. It is like we're two halves of a whole connected by our heart and soul. I just need to talk to you because I don’t know what else to do. You know, everyone is telling me that you're gone, and that you're not coming back, and that I need to get on with my life. I’m just not sure that I can do that unless I give up hope that you're coming back. Are you coming back? Because if you are, I will never give up hope. Sheridan, I know that you're out there somewhere so I’m begging you to please answer me. Please answer me, should I give up hope, my love, or is there a chance you will come back to me?” At the same time on the island, Sheridan asks, “Should I move on, my love? Is there a chance you will come back to me?” A beautiful split screen shows the most beautiful couple looking toward each other for the answers they so badly need.

On the island with Antonio standing behind a bush watching her, Sheridan looks out to sea and softly asks, “Are you out there? Can you hear me? Maybe Brian's right. Maybe everything that happened tonight was just in my mind and you aren't alive. Could I have wanted to be with you so badly that it was all just a fantasy? If only I knew what was true. Do I wait for you to come back? Do I accept that you died and move on? Please, if you can hear me, just let me know. Please let me know.” Standing in his backyard and looking up at the sky, as Beth stands at the gate listening to him, Luis pleads, too, “Sheridan, if you're out there, just -- just please give me a sign. I'm so confused about tonight. Being with you felt so real and -- everyone else is just telling me that I imagined it. Look, I would wait a thousand years if there's even a prayer that you're coming back to me. If you're not -- well, if you're not, I don't know what I'm going to do. Please, just tell me. Should I just let you go? Would someone please tell me?”

Standing on the beach at St. Lisa's, Sheridan wraps her arms around herself and softly asks, “Where are you? I just wish I could remember your name so that maybe I could find out what happened to pull us apart. Was it the accident that cost me my memory, or did you die in my arms long ago the way I seem to remember? But if you're dead, why do I keep seeing you? Why do I keep feeling your touch? Was our love that strong?” She has a flashback of dancing the tango with Luis in Bermuda and smiles at the memory, “How could I even ask? Of course it was.”

Standing in his backyard, Luis sadly asks, “Just tell me, Sheridan, how do I let you go?” Standing at the gate, Beth makes a noise and Luis turns toward her, “Beth. What are you doing here?” Beth walks over to stand in front of him, “Luis, you just seemed so upset when you left the cafe. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude.” As it looks like she will leave, Luis stops her, “No, no, stay. Hey -- I could use someone to talk to, anyway. If you don't mind.” Beth tells him, “Luis, you know I'm always here for you.” Luis smiles, “Yeah, I know. I'm just trying not to take advantage of that.” Beth frowns, “Maybe I shouldn't have brought you that album from Sheridan.” Luis says, “No, I was glad you did. Sheridan was on my mind, anyway.” Beth looks up at him and asks, “You really think you were with her earlier tonight?” Luis looks up at the sky again, “Yeah. At the Crane pool, at her cottage, at the gazebo. I held on to her so tight, but she faded away. My mother and Hank think I imagined the whole thing.” He looks down at Beth and sees the look on her face, he nods, “So do you. That's ok. You can tell me.” Beth hedges, “I really -- I don't know what to think, Luis. I mean, it's obvious that you still love her with all your heart.” Luis admits, “Yeah. I do. So, how do I just let Sheridan go?” A very passionate Luis asks, “How do you get over the greatest love that you've ever known?” Noticing the hurt look on Beth's face, he says, “I'm sorry. I'm a stupid jerk.” Beth looks up and says, “No. Don't be. I mean, come on. It's not exactly a secret how you felt about Sheridan.” Luis sits at the picnic table, “Yeah, but you and I...” Taking a seat at the picnic table across from him, Beth completes the thought, “Were a long time ago. It didn't work out. It's ancient history, Luis.” Luis looks down at his hands, “Yeah. I -- I really cared about you a lot. It's just that, you know, it didn't seem right to get married. My family needed my paycheck.” Beth smiles, “And then you met Sheridan and fell madly, deeply in love. You may not believe this, but I was glad when you found that kind of happiness with Sheridan, just as I'm genuinely sad for you now. It really kills me to see you in such pain.” Luis nods, “Well, thank you. Just thanks for being you.” Beth says, “It's what friends do for each other.” Luis exhales deeply, pauses, then says, “I just wish I knew what to do. You know, between the scrapbook that you gave me and the letter that I got from Sheridan's lawyer -- she told me to move on. I just wish it were that easy.” He looks back at Beth as she advises, “Look, I know that you've heard this before, but instead of trying to figure out what Sheridan would want, maybe you should ask yourself what you'd want her to do in the same situation.” Luis asks, “What do you mean?” Beth explains, “If you were the one who died, would you want Sheridan clinging to the hope that somehow, someday, you were just going to come back from the dead? Or would you want her to go on living, to find happiness again?” Luis shakes his head and gives her a subdued smile.

On the island, Antonio walks up to Sheridan sitting on a boulder and sits down next to her, “Hey. Are you ok?” Sheridan cries, “Yeah. I'm sorry, Brian. I forgot you were here.” He says, “Yeah, I kind of got that. It's all right.” Sheridan shakes her head, “No, it's not. You've been so patient with me ever since you dragged me out of the ocean, and I haven't behaved the least bit grateful.” Antonio tells her, “You don't owe me any apology.” Sheridan sniffles, “I owe you an apology and a lot more than that for trying to tell me the truth about the man I love.” He says, “I know how much you still want him to be alive.” She replies, “But if he were, he would've found me by now, just like you said.” He says again, “The last thing I wanted to do was dash your hopes, Diana. I...” Sniffling from all her crying, Sheridan says, “No, you're just trying to talk some sense into a stubborn woman who has seen and felt things that couldn't possibly be real.” Antonio tells her now, “Who's to say what's real? I mean, hey, maybe Doc was on to something when he was talking about the stars and the Bermuda triangle aligning tonight.” Sheridan softly says, “Maybe I just wanted the man I loved to be alive despite all evidence to the contrary. Why is it so hard for me to accept that I'll never be with him again?” As she begins to cry again and look at the ground, he replies, “That's easy. It's because you love him. I wish there was something that I could say to make you feel better. I don't know what. I guess the only thing that I can tell you is to listen to your heart.” She raises her voice, “Yeah, well, my heart's telling me the impossible. It's telling me that he's out there, trying to send me a message.” Sitting next to her he has an answer, “Ok, let's say that he is. Maybe he's telling you to forget him. Maybe he's telling you to move on with your life, that he can't come back to you. Maybe he's telling you just to move on and just remember his love.” Sheridan cries, “What if I don't want to be released from him? What if I want to love him forever?”

As Sheridan sits on the boulder and cries, Antonio rather angrily tells her, “You may want to spend the rest of your life missing this man, but who says that that's what he wants?” Sheridan says softly, “But if he loved me as much as I loved him...” He then says, “Well, then, first and foremost, he'd want you to be happy. I know that's what I'd want for you.” Sheridan sadly says, “I don't know. I just don't know.” Antonio tells her, “I don't have any of the answers, either. But, like I said, just listen to your heart. It'll help you find the answers.” He walks off again leaving Sheridan to cry, “I've been listening to my heart, but I don't understand what it's saying.” She pleads, “Please, if you can hear me, tell me what to do.” She looks so sad sitting on that boulder on the beach by herself.

At the picnic table in the Lopez-Fitzgerald backyard, Luis clasps his hands together, “Ok. It's worth a shot. Ask myself what I'd want for her if the situation were reversed.” Beth nods, “You can't go wrong if you think that way. You guys loved each other so much.” Luis nods, “Yeah.” Beth stands, “Well, I'll be inside.” She leaves the backyard. Luis tries talking to his great love again, “Ok, Sheridan. If the situation were reversed, what would I want you to do? Would I want you to hang on to the hope that I was coming back, or would I want you to do whatever you needed to do to find happiness? Of course I'd want you to be happy.” He smiles as he continues, “Why does my heart keep telling me there's a second chance for us, that you're still out there somewhere, waiting for me to find you?” Luis sighs, shakes his head, then whispers, “Don't know if I can let you go, Sheridan. Just don't know if I can let you go.” Walking around the backyard, Luis sighs, “Beth's right. I can't be selfish. I've got do what I would want you to do if I were the one who died. I've got to accept that you're gone and you're not coming back.” He sighs again as he has some flashbacks and we see a Shuis montage consisting of the gazebo proposal, kissing in the robes on the balcony in Bermuda, the horse-drawn sleigh ride, dancing after dinner in Bermuda, the tango in Bermuda, the vault kiss, the romantic bubble bath, and the wedding in the park.

Still sitting on the big rock on the beach, Sheridan smiles after having the same flashbacks that Luis just had, “You sent me those wonderful memories, didn't you? I still don't understand. What are you trying to tell me?” She smiles and with a shaky voice asks, “Are you telling me not to give up? Because, if so, then I will wait forever. But if you want me to move on, then I'll try. Just let me know.” Sitting at the table again, Luis continues his talk with Sheridan, “I really do want what's best for you. Even if I never see you again, I will always love you with my whole heart.” He whispers, “Those angels with you are so lucky. I wish I was there, too.” Crying harder now, Sheridan says, “It's almost as though I can hear you. You're letting me go, aren't you? I miss you so much. But if that's what you want, then I'll release you, too.” Luis stands and smiles, “Be happy, Sheridan. Wherever you are, be happy.” Sheridan cries softly, “I hear you, my love. I hear you.” Again a beautiful split screen of Sheridan and Luis facing each other. I love those!

On St. Lisa's walking down the hall at the hotel, Antonio looks at a picture of Sheridan and him, “I know I could love you as much as he did, Diana. Just give us a chance.” He turns to see Sheridan walking down the hall to her room, head down and crying. He calls to her, “Hey. Are you ok?” She begins to cry harder and he takes her into her arms as she cries. In Harmony, Beth comes back to the yard bringing Luis a cup of coffee. As she places it on the table in front of him, she takes a seat at the table and asks, “Can I do anything?” Luis lets out a breath and with tears in his eyes he tells her, “I did it. I finally let Sheridan go. I just hope I did the right thing.” Poor Luis and Sheridan!

To be continued...
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Smile Saturday's SHUIS Summary and Picture of the Day...

On the island of St. Lisa's in the hallway of Liz's hotel, Sheridan backs away from Antonio who has been comforting her as she cries about releasing the great love of her life. As she moves away, Antonio says, “I know how much pain you must be in, Diana. I mean, having to think about letting go of the love from your past, not knowing if it's the right thing to do.” Sheridan cries, “I have let go. God, it was so hard, though.” She turns away from him. He agrees, “I'm sure it was. I don't know if I could have done it.” Sheridan wipes the tears away and turns around to face him again, “You know what made it easier, though?” He asks, “What?” Hands on her hips, Sheridan says, “This is going to sound crazy.” He assures her, “Everything about love is crazy.” She gives a small smile, “Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, the only way that I could let go was I had this feeling that he let me go.” Antonio asks amazed, “He let you go?” Sheridan smiles again, “I could feel him give me permission to move on. It's almost as if I could hear his voice. It's over. The great love of my life is over.” She begins to cry again.

In his backyard, looks up at the sky and smiles, “I did it, Beth. I let Sheridan go.” She asks, “Are you all right?” Luis smiles, “You know, it's strange. I still feel a connection to her, like she was telling me to move on, too.” Walking over to stand next to Luis, Beth says, “I wish there was more I could do to help you.” Luis replies, “Well, you just being here is enough.” Beth says, “I'm glad.” Luis looks up at the sky again and whispers, “Yeah. She's really gone, isn't she? Yeah. She's gone. Forever.” He sadly looks down at the ground.

Walking into Sheridan's room, as she turns on the lights, Antonio says, “You know, Diana, I hate to see you in such pain.” Sheridan cries, “Yeah, I'm tired of the pain, too. “ She turns back to face him, “But he let me go. The great love of my life gave me permission to move on. You know, I could sense it. It was almost as though we were together again like we were earlier tonight. But how am I supposed to move on? How am I supposed to just forget about this great love?” Antonio very quietly says, “Diana, I know it's hard. But in time, it'll get easier. You'll move past the pain and you'll move on with your life.” She sadly replies, “I don't think so, Brian. I don't think enough time could ever pass to help me get over this pain.”

Looking toward Beth, Luis confides, “It's so strange, Beth. I kept thinking that Sheridan was alive even though there was evidence telling me she was dead. I mean, I'm a cop. There was solid evidence, her body was positively I.D.'d, she was cremated. I still kept thinking that she was alive.” Beth tells him, “Luis, that's a normal reaction when someone you love dies suddenly.” Luis sadly says, “I guess so. Maybe that's why Sheridan came back to me tonight. I kept thinking that she was coming to tell me she was alive, but maybe she was just telling me to move on, say good-bye.” He looks up at the sky again and sadly says, “Well, good-bye, Sheridan.”

Beth stands in front of Luis as he sits at the picnic table. She says, “Maybe you're right, Luis. I mean, that scrapbook that Sheridan put together for you, the letter that she sent -- maybe those things were her way of telling you from the grave, you know, to move on with your life.” Trying to figure it all out, Luis raises his voice, “But how did she know? We were planning our lives together. We were going to get married. How did she know we weren't going to be together forever?” Beth shakes her head, “I don't know. You know, I just keep thinking about that fortuneteller that was at her birthday party when she was a little girl and was telling her about her past lives.” Luis thinks, “Yeah, our past lives together -- how we were always meant to be together and something pulled us apart.” Beth comes up with an explanation, “Ok, I know this may be a stretch. But I read a lot about reincarnation, and when people come back to life again, it's sometimes to resolve something that wasn't resolved in a previous life. You and Sheridan have been locked in this cycle of coming back to earth, falling in love, and then seeing it end painfully.” Luis nods, “Yep. That's what the fortuneteller said was going to happen.” Beth smiles, “Has it occurred to you that you may have just released Sheridan from that painful cycle?” Luis replies, “No.” He gives a small smiles, “But I hope you're right. I hope wherever Sheridan is, she does find happiness, even if it's without me. I hope it's the truth. I hope Sheridan never suffers a broken heart again.” He looks to the sky again.

Sheridan walks to her dresser to get a tissue to blow her nose and dab at her tears. Antonio watches her, moves closer behind her and says, “You know, I don't think it'd probably help you right now, but I do think you're taking the first steps in healing a broken heart.” Crying harder now, Sheridan says, “I wish I could believe that. You know, I wonder if I'll ever be able to let go. And what happens if I move on with my life? My God, what happens if I start another relationship and the love of my life comes back? What am I supposed to do then?” He turns to face him with her hands out questioningly. She asks again, “I mean, what happens if I start another relationship and the love of my life comes back?” Antonio replies, “I don't think that's going to happen.” She asks sadly, “Because you think my lover is dead?” She walks across the room to stand with her back toward him. Behind her, he says, “I mean, otherwise, he would have come looking for you. I'm sorry, I...” (He is being such an insensitive jerk!) Sheridan says over her shoulder, not looking at him, “No, I understand. I mean, that's why I had to find a way to let go, to stop thinking that he was alive and that he would come back for me. Doesn't make it any easier, though.” He tells her, “Hey, look, this pain you're feeling -- it's not going to last. It will get easier, and you'll still remember your love. It -- it just won't hurt as much. I promise you.” She turns toward him and nods but begins to cry again. As she cries on Antonio's shoulder, he thinks, “And one day, hopefully you'll be open to my love. I'll make you forget all about this other man.” (But you never did make her forget!)

Luis looks up at the sky, “Well, I hope you're right. I hope Sheridan is free of her pain, that she finds happiness.” He suddenly stands and shouts, “What am I saying? This is crazy. What, I hope she finds happiness with some other man?” Beth stands, too, “Oh, God. That's not what I meant, Luis. Ok, what you have to do is just hope that she'll find happiness and peace wherever she is, even if you can't be together.” Luis sighs, takes a deep breath, “Oh. So you're saying that I need to accept that she's gone and she's not coming back and move on with my life?” Beth says, “Only you can do that, you know. Only you can release her so that she can move on and find happiness.” Luis smiles thinking of Sheridan, “Well, I want her to be happy. If I can believe that she's happy, then I can get by. You know, I can try and get on with my life without her, without her love. It's just painful. It's almost too painful to think of a future without her.” Beth says, “You know what, Luis? I was wrong.” Luis asks, “Huh?” Beth scolds, “Because you're not thinking of Sheridan. You're just thinking of yourself. And I'm sorry, but that's just really selfish.” Luis looks at her in surprise!

Sheridan pushes herself out of Antonio's arms, “Sorry, Brian. Sorry I dragged you through all this emotional pain. You've been so wonderful to listen.” He says, “I told you I'd be here. I always want to be here for you. But you have to make a decision and you have to stick to it. It's for your own good.” Sheridan sniffles, “I know.” Brian says, “If you decide to let go and you -- you know, you decide to let go of this man that you love and move on, you can't turn around.” She softly says, “I know. You're right.” He reminds her, “You can't keep clinging on to your past, you know. Can you do that, Diana? Can you really let go of the man you love?” She looks at him but can't answer.

Staring at Beth in disbelief, Luis asks, “I don't understand. Why are you calling me selfish?” Beth explains, “Because you keep ignoring what Sheridan has been trying to tell you to do, what she wants you to do. Ok, you said you can't bear to look into the future, and I understand how painful that must be. But if you want to honor Sheridan's memory, then you have to at least try to be happy.” Luis shakes his head, “You're right. That's what Sheridan would have wanted.” Beth smiles and Luis looks back at her with a slight smile.

Sheridan moves away from Antonio to sit on her bed but he follows, “Diana, I know how hard all of this has been for you. But I need to know -- do you think you can move on?” Avoiding looking at him, Sheridan sadly says, “I think I have to. Wherever my lover is -- whether he's alive or not -- I know we're not going to be together again. I'm not going to look back. I'm going to look ahead and think about my future.” She sounds resigned to the fact that she will never see Luis again. Antonio takes her hand and thinks to himself, “I hope I'm part of your future, Diana.”

As Beth walks toward the back gate to leave, Luis calls to her, “Thanks for listening. You're always there when I need you.” Beth tells him, “You know, I think you made the right decision. And somewhere out there, someone wonderful is waiting for you.” Luis gives a slight smile, “Yeah.” Beth kisses him on the cheek, “Well, good night.” Luis replies, “Good night.” As she walks off and he watches her leave, he says, “You really are wonderful, Beth.”

To be continued...

This is an adorable picture of Shuis watching the wedding in the park. They are so in love and are just adorable...
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Smile Friday's SHUIS Summary & Pictures of the Day...

As Luis sits at a table in the Book Cafe, Beth pours him a cup of coffee and informs him, “Luis, your order will be up in just a minute.” Luis looks up, “All right. Thanks.” Beth smiles, “You're welcome.” She walks off. Luis takes the handcuffs from his belt and thinks about seeing Sheridan in the gazebo the night before due to the Bermuda lights. He remembers handcuffing her to him in an attempt to keep her with him.

Then he remembers his confusion and hurt as she fades away.

Hank arrives and brings Luis out of his flashbacks, “How you doing, Buddy?” Luis looks up at him, “Hi, Hank.” Hank guesses, “You look about a million miles away. Let me guess. You were thinking about Sheridan again.” Luis smiles remembering Sheridan, “Yeah.” Hank scolds, “So, all that talk about finally getting over her and moving on with your life was just talk, right? You're never going to give up on her, are you? You're just going to keep living in the past, dreaming of something that can never be.” Luis looks sadly away.

Delivering a breakfast order to a table in Liz's cafe, Sheridan spills a glass of orange juice on the customer and apologizes, “I am so sorry.” The Man asks, “What's wrong with you?” Watching the scene unfold, Liz steps forward and says, “Diana, why don’t you get this nice man another glass of orange juice?” Sheridan says, “Yeah.” She goes off to get the new glass of juice as Liz again apologizes, “I’m so sorry, sir. She's -- she's new. Listen, of course breakfast will be on the house, and I’ll be glad to take care of the cost of having your pants cleaned.” The Man huffs, “I certainly hope so.” Following Sheridan to the counter, Liz asks, “Are you trying to run me out of business?” As she pours the juice, Sheridan apologizes to her, “Liz, I’m so sorry.” Joining them at the counter, Antonio comments, “Liz, she's obviously never waitressed before. Why don’t you give her a chance to get up to speed?” Liz replies, “Brian, it's obvious to me, too, that she's never waitressed, but I can’t give away free food.” Brian pleads, “Try not to be so hard on her, huh? I’ll pick up the guy's tab, ok?” Liz looks at him sternly, “And who's going to pick up your tab?” Sheridan leaves to deliver the orange juice. Watching her serving the man his juice, Antonio confides, “All right, you're right. I’ll talk to her, make sure she's more careful, ok? Right, Diana?” Arriving back at the counter, Sheridan replies, “Right. Liz, I’m going to be the best waitress you've ever had. I promise.” Liz looks from one to the other, “Ok, fine. Just try to be more careful.” Sheridan smiles, “Oh, oh, I will. I promise. I swear.” Antonio says, “Thank you, Liz.” Sheridan smiles and adds another, “Thank you.”

At his table at the Book Cafe, Luis looks at Hank, “You're wrong, Hank. I’m not holding on to Sheridan or to what could have been.” Hank asks, “Then what are you doing? You sit around here in a daze half the time, staring into space, not living, not connecting with anyone or anything. Tell me, what the hell are you doing?” Luis passionately replies, “I am trying to get over losing the love of my life, for God's sake. And it's just -- it's taking a little longer than I expected. But I’m not going to wallow in grief and self-pity anymore. Theresa's suicide attempt last night was a wake-up call. You can’t hold on to something that's not meant to be.” Hank comments, “At least something good came out of her tragedy.” Luis sadly replies, “Yeah, well, thank God that she survived. Look, Hank, as much as it kills me to admit it, I know that Sheridan's gone. I just hope that, wherever she is, somebody's looking out for her.”

In the cafe on the island, Sheridan puts down a tray of dishes on the counter as Liz says, “Diana, I’m going to take a quick break. Why don’t you do the same? Just as long as you're back in time to set up for the lunch crowd.” Sheridan asks, “You sure?” Liz replies, “Yeah, go ahead. Put your feet up for a while.” Sheridan smiles, “Ok, well, I will be the first one back to work.” As she heads out, Antonio stops her, “Ok. Come with me.” Sheridan asks, “Where are we going?” He tells her, “It's a surprise.” They walk off together.

At the Book Cafe, Hank feels bad, “Listen, I’m sorry. I just hate to see you so unhappy, so alone.” Luis gives him a small smile, “Hank, don’t worry about me, all right? I’ll be fine. One of these days. Look, as much as it hurts me to let go, I know that it's time to move on.” Hank smiles, “Well, I’m glad to hear it, Buddy.” Luis sighs, “Yeah. I know it's time to move on. Question is where and with whom.” Of course, at that moment Beth arrives at the table and pours Luis another cup of coffee as she says, “You look like you could use a refill.” Hank sits back and watches them as Luis says, “Oh, yeah.”

On the beach on St. Lisa's, Sheridan takes a seat on the beach blanket that Antonio has spread out for them, “This is wonderful. Thank you.” Antonio smiles and sits also, “My pleasure.” As Sheridan looks out to see, she says, “I don’t know why I am so exhausted.” He answers, “Well, it's like you said -- the tension. And, besides, you've been working all morning. You have a right to be tired.” Sheridan sadly says, “I should have more stamina than this. I mean, I’m not sick, and the work isn’t that grueling.” He replies, “Yeah, but you've had a lot on your plate emotionally, and that takes its toll on anyone, right?” She sighs, “Yeah, I suppose you're right.” Antonio says, “You know I’m right. I mean, think about it -- that light from the Bermuda triangle appearing, disappearing, reappearing again, and you feeling as though you were transported somewhere with your lover?” She simply says, “Yeah.” He adds, “You got to be completely drained.” She says, “This is true. But I should be able to handle one morning of work. I must've had some sort of job before I lost my memory. I couldn’t have just sat around and done nothing all day.” He tells her, “You know what? I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You've got a job. You're making a living.” With her head down, Sheridan softly replies, “I won’t for long if I keep messing up like I did this morning. And I’ve got to keep this job so I can earn my keep around here. You and Liz have been so wonderful -- giving me a place to live, food.” He assures her, “Hey -- Liz and I -- we're just doing something that anyone else would do for you.” Sheridan says, “Well, I’m grateful, anyway, and I want to contribute.” He smiles at her, “You are. So just relax, ok? Remember, you're supposed to be taking a break.” She smiles, “Yeah, I could use a siesta. But you know what? I got to set up for lunch, and I don’t want to be late. If I fall asleep, promise me you'll wake me up in time.” He says, “All right, I promise.” She says, “Thanks” , as she turns away from him to lay down on the blanket. Watching her sleep, Antonio whispers, “I love you, Diana.”

At the Book Cafe, Beth says, “I’m sorry your order's taking so long, Luis.” Looking up at her, Luis says, “It's ok. I’m in no hurry.” As Hank continues to watch the two of them, Beth says, “I’m glad.” Luis thanks her as she walks to another table. Hank looks across the table at Luis and says, “Gosh, Luis, maybe if you look around, you'll find someone to move on with.” Luis looks up, “Huh?” Hank urges Luis, “Come on. You got someone who's perfect right under your nose. She's ready and willing.” Luis says, “Beth.” Hank asks, “If you're truly ready to move on, why not move on with Beth?” Luis replies, “Because it really hurt Beth when I couldn’t marry her. I don’t want that to happen again.” Hank again asks, “Why should it? If you and Beth got together, the only thing that could come up and hurt her is if Sheridan came back. And we both know that's not going to happen.” Luis looks over at Beth but doesn't smile, then he looks back at Hank.

Sleeping on the beach on the island, Sheridan is having a dream of dancing with Luis on the Titanic as she sees Antonio watching her from the sidelines.

She wakes up and wonders, “That officer on the Titanic -- you know, he seemed so familiar. Could that really have been Brian? No, that's crazy.” She turns over on the blanket to find Antonio, “Brian? Oh, no. I overslept. Liz is going to kill me.” She hops up, picks up her shoes, and begins to run back to the hotel.

At the Book Cafe, Luis stands, “Anyway, I’m going to get down to the station house, Bro.” He picks up his coat and drapes it over his arm as Hank says, “All right, see you later.” Luis turns to leave as he says, “See you later.” Before he can move, Beth comes toward him with a tray containing his lunch bags, “Luis -- hey, don’t forget your lunch.” Luis turns back to face her, “Hey, thanks. Guess I forgot.” Beth smiles, “Yeah.” She hands him the tray as he says, “Yeah. You know, I’m lucky to have a friend like you.” Beth smiles, “No problem.” Luis smiles, “Well, thanks.” Beth replies, “Sure.” Luis turns to leave, “Good to see you.” Beth watches as Luis walks out the cafe, “Bye.”

Arriving at the island cafe, Sheridan runs into Liz just outside, “Oh, Liz -- oh, I fell asleep. I swear, I’ll never let it happen again, I promise.” Liz asks confused, “Never let what happen again?” Sheridan replies, “I’m late. I was supposed to set up for the lunch crowd.” The ladies open the door and see that everything has been taken care of and the guests look happy. Liz smiles, “It certainly looks like someone did.” Antonio greets them, “Well, hello, Ladies.” As he approaches, Liz smiles, “Brian. Never seen you in an apron before.” He gestures to the apron, “Well, it's me, don’t you think?” Sheridan unties the apron from his waist, “You're incredible. Give me that.” Liz whispers to her, “Diana – customers.” She looks up, “Yeah, I’ll be right there, Liz.” She smiles at Antonio, “Thank you. It's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me -- at least that I can remember.” He replies, “Well, I hope it's the first in a long list of nice things that I can do for you.” Sheridan walks to a table to take an order as Antonio watches her and Liz watches both of them.

To be continued...

Sorry that I have not posted anything in a week or so but with the extra work we were trying to finish so we would be able to take off a couple of extra days and my classes for H&R Block, I just have had no time. Then last minute shopping, Christmas, then a bad cold that has lingered on for way too long has kept me away from the computer. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.
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Smile Friday's SHUIS Summary and Pictures of the Day...

On St. Lisa's island in the cafe of Liz's hotel, Sheridan smiles at the ladies as she goes to wait on their table, “Ah -- good evening, ladies.” One woman smiles, “Hello.” Sheridan smiles and asks, “May I take your order?” The woman says, “Indeed, you may.” Behind the bar, Liz and Antonio watch Sheridan as she works. Liz says, “I’m telling you, Brian, if Diana doesn’t do better during the dinner shift ...” Antonio tells her, “Relax, Liz. She will. She'll do better.” Liz doesn't look like she believes him, “She better. If not, I’m going to have to make a change.” At the table, the customer says, “Oh, that'll be delicious.” The woman with her adds, “If they make it right.” Sheridan smiles and writes down their drink order.

Luis walks through the door of the florist shop and the owner says, “Well, if it isn’t my favorite cop. It's good to see you, Luis.” Luis smiles, “Yeah, yeah. So -- it's been a while, huh?” The owner replies, “Hmm. I was sorry to hear about Sheridan.” Luis lowers his head, “Yeah.” The florist says, “You guys were so close to getting married and -- how many times did you come in here looking to pick up flowers for her?” Luis looks around, “Well, these are actually for another special woman in my life.” The man smiles, “Great. Glad to see you're moving on with your life.” Luis walks over to some bins of flowers and picks a spring bouquet, “Yeah. You know, I think I'll take these. This will work.” The man nods, “That's a great choice. The lady who gets those is going to be very impressed.” Walking through the shop's door, Hank teases Luis, “Hey, I thought I saw you come in here. Are those for who I think they are? You going to finally get over Sheridan and start a relationship with Beth?” Luis just looks at Hank, the annoyance, then looks away.

At the hotel island cafe, Sheridan delivers the drink order to her customers, “Ok. Here you go.” One of the women thanks her. As she backs away from the table, Sheridan smiles, “You're welcome.” As she continues backing up, she bumps into another couple, spilling their drinks on them, “Oh -- so sorry.” As she walks back to the bar, she asks, “Why am I so nervous? Because I’m stupid, clumsy, and totally inept.” She belittles herself as Antonio walks up behind her, “Hey, you're none of those things, and you know it.” Sheridan turns toward him, “Well, then, why can’t I do this, Brian? I mean, I want nothing more than to be a good waitress, to do a good job.” He says, “Because you're new at it. You just got to take it one step at a time.” She is so upset, “Ever since you rescued me, it's like there's nothing that I can do for myself, nothing that I can call my own.” He tells her, “Just quit being so hard on yourself, ok?” Upset about everything, Sheridan replies, “What I’m being is truthful. You know, all I want is to do something right. My amnesia's just taken so much away from me. I mean, my former life, my former love -- and my sense of well-being and confidence. You know, I need to just find one thing -- just one thing that I could take pride in, even if it is just waiting on tables.” Looking at her sympathetically, he asks, “This really means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” She looks away, “Look, I know it sounds silly. I feel that if I could just even be a competent waitress, then it would somehow validate me as a person.” Antonio replies, “No. No, I don’t think that sounds silly at all.” Sheridan casts her eyes downward and gives a small smile, “You know, I want to be someone who can contribute something, not somebody who just takes up space, has to be rescued on a daily basis.”

At the flower shop, Hank asks again, “So you going to tell me? Are those flowers for Beth or aren’t they?” Luis looks at him, “Hank, they're for my sister, ok? After what she tried to do to herself last night -- throwing herself in the ocean, trying to take her own life -- damn it, how could I let this happen?” Hank lets him know, “Hey, it's not your fault, Luis.” Luis says passionately, “But I still feel responsible. No, I should've been there for her. I -- I should have noticed the signs. But all I could do was think about Sheridan and grieve and feel sorry for myself. I forgot that my little sister has problems of her own, too. I should've been there for her. I should've looked out for her.” Hank assures him, “You can’t blame yourself for what Theresa did. All you can do is be there for her now.” Luis says sadly and thoughtfully, “That's what I plan on doing. I don’t want anything else bad happening to her.” Luis pulls out his wallet and pays for the flowers.

Behind the bar at the cafe, as she and Antonio dry glasses, Sheridan says, “Hey. Look, I know it's ridiculous to base my entire self-worth on a job, but this feeling that I just can’t do anything...” She is interrupted by the two women customers calling for her attention. Sheridan looks toward them and says, “Uh-oh. Trouble.” Antonio tells her, “Just take it easy, ok?” As she walks up to them, Sheridan asks, “Oh. Ladies, is something wrong?” The woman replies, “Well, actually, everything is wrong.” Her friend continues, “These aren’t the drinks we ordered.” Sheridan takes the drinks from them and bends down. The drinks spill on the table and run into the women's laps. They gasp as Sheridan apologizes, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry. I ...” As the ice runs onto her lap, they scream. Sheridan apologizes again. Walking up to Antonio behind the bar, Liz asks, “Did you see that?” He replies, “Yeah, no problem.” Liz is aghast, “Screwing up a drink order?” He continues to watch Sheridan, “Hey, we've all done it, Liz.” Liz looks at him, “It was two drinks.” He says, “It happens.” Liz huffs, “Not in my restaurant it doesn’t. I’m sorry, Brian. I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to have to fire her.” She turns to walk off but he stops her, “No, you can’t. You can’t fire Diana.” Looking him like he must have lost his mind, Liz asks, “No? Do you see those ladies? Do you see their faces? Do they look happy, Brian? No, they don’t, and that's a bad thing because they're here to scout the cafe.” Antonio asks, “What do you mean, "they're here to scout the cafe"?” Liz looks toward the ladies, “They're agents for several convention organizations. If they recommend the place, then I got it made. If not and they give me a thumbs down, I’m going to have a hard time keeping those doors open.” He chides, “Oh, come on, Liz. You'd never close this place.” Liz says sternly, “If it's a losing proposition, I’m going to have to.” He pleads, “Look, give Diana another chance. All she needs is a little more experience, that's all. Ok?” Liz gives in, “Ok. Fine. But it's against my better judgment.” He smiles, “Oh, you're the best, Liz.” She replies, “Either that or I’m a fool.” As Liz and Antonio watch, Sheridan continues to mix up food orders and spill food and drinks all over the cafe. She looks towards Liz and says, “I’m so sorry.” Standing behind the bar, Liz tells Antonio, “This is getting ugly.”

As Sheridan stands at the bar, Antonio walks up to her, “You look like you're getting the hang of it.” Sheridan exhales loudly and looks up at him, “I was a disaster.” At the lady agent's table, one of the women tells Liz, “Half my soup was in my saucer.” Her friend adds, “Not to mention the salad that ended up in my lap.” Liz soothes, “I am so terribly sorry.” At the bar, Sheridan says, “That's it, Brian. I am a bust as a waitress.” He says, “No, you are not. And you're not quitting, either.” As she looks past him, a man at one of the tables signals her for a drink. She looks at him and says, “Great. Yet another order I can screw up.” She walks toward the table to take his order. Later, several of the customers switch plates as soon as Sheridan delivers them to the wrong tables. LOL! Standing at the bar next to Antonio and watching the whole scene, Liz sighs, “Unless you can think of something really fast, Diana's career as a waitress is about to come to a screeching halt.” Antonio watches the scene and says, “Just give me a minute, Liz. I'll take care of everything, ok?”

Sitting on a bench outside the florist with their coffee, Hank tells Luis, “You can’t put it on yourself. Theresa's a grown woman.” Looking off into space, Luis replies, “Yeah. I’m still her big brother. Hank, I should have seen that she was in need, but I didn’t. I dropped the ball. She had no role model. And how is Theresa supposed to stay grounded in reality when her big brother is living in some sort of fantasy that his dead fiancée is magically appearing to him?” Hank tells him, “Well, you know what you got to do, my friend.” As he sadly looks down at his coffee, Luis replies, “Yeah, and I did -- accepted Sheridan's gone. She's not coming back. She's dead. She's not coming back.” He looks up at the Heavens again. Luis looks so lost.

To be continued...

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