WOW! Yesterday's episode with Franco and Maxie was GREAT: That was the REAL MAXIE; I actually started to believe that Maxie died, and she was replaced with a FAKE MAXIE who seemed to escape from a Disney cartoon!!! I actually forgot that Maxie can be sexy, bad, destructive, smart and cool, all at the same time. Remember a few years ago when Georgie asked Maxie for sex advise? Maxie, yesterday, knew when Franco was lying! Again, did anyone forget that Maxie can be smart?

Moreover, Maxie fell for Franco's snakecharms willingly. The chemistry between Franco and Maxie was GREAT! I have not seen this type of chemistry since Zander and Amber Tamblyn's Emily. I am not a Maxie and Spinelli fan: To me, they are the worst couple in the history soaps. And, I watched a lot of soaps. I watched as Maxie turned into a complete stranger with that pairing. I don't know if I said it on this board, but Spinelli is all wrong for the soap genre. I don't like the character, and I NEVER will!!!

Also, I don't really don't keep up with movie stars, clearly James Franco is no ordinary actor. I know the character of Franco is a psychiatic killer, but I cannot keep my eyes off of him! I guess that is great acting! I said, "Oh my, what is happening to me?" I watched as GH's greatest actors fell flat with James Franco. Sonny and Luke were not great in those scenes with Franco. It looked as if Maurice Benard and Anthony Geary said their dialogues and left, without any emotion of any kind? Those scenes were cheesy; I didn't care what they had to say. This tells me that Sonny and Luke have been out of their characters for years. Only one who did kind of good was Steve Burton, and Jason didn't say anything to Franco. LOL.

Nevertheless, GH does have some actors that I do pay attention to such as Johnny, Dante, and Kristina's boyfriend. The rest of them are boring, like they are there for the money. If that is the case, why should I watch everyday? If the actors don't care, why should I? They need to work on their craft again; it seems that they forgot. It is good for James Franco is on GH: Maybe he can inject some B-12 in the other actors's bloodstreams. GH was a great soap, especially when the late Gloria Monty got rid of the soapy overacting that was done on other soaps. But, I noticed a few years ago the overacting is back again on GH. I mentioned this a few weeks ago on the old board. I know some blame the writers, but I, also, blame the actors too for the sad shape of GH. Don't let the GH actors off the hook!


P.S. I am glad Jonathan Jackson's Lucky is back; I have not care about what Lucky had to say in years!!!